Episodic Posts – Too Much Work

I generally don’t do episodic posts which is probably why my blog tends to be classified as opinionated. It is highly opinionated, I might add. Anime is one of the few things I have an opinion on or care to have strong discussions about outside of politics and religion. Although, I rank anime right up there with politics and religion in terms of “things you don’t discuss at work”.  It’s not as if I can stand by the water cooler and say “Did you see that episode of Tokyo Ghoul last night? Oh, man!” I also don’t have the urge to come to my blog and say the same thing and explore every minute detail.

If I write an episodic post; it’s a clear indication that I like the show and had a lot of thoughts on it. I just simply do not have enough time to write a post on every episode of a show. One, I watch multiple shows so I would have to choose one or two. Two, I would have to take notes to write a clear and concise post. I’m not in school, I’m not taking notes on a show I’m watching for pleasure! Three, I don’t really have a three. It’s just that three is the magic number. I prefer rambling about a show after it’s finished and reading others’ episodic posts. Except some of you people watch the shows a day earlier before it hits Hulu Plus or Crunchyroll so I have to ignore your posts! I also shake my fist at you mentally.  Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest,  here is a list of some of what I am watching.

  • Tokyo ESP – So far, I am enjoying this show. It seems to be doing the start from the end, then jump to the beginning to circle back to the end. That will definitely keep me watching. It’s got a mixture of action, violence, and comedy. Humans with special powers trying to take over the world and destroy humans with no powers works for me.
  • Tokyo Ghoul – I’m not sure how I ended up watching two shows with Tokyo in the title but this is another show that I am feeling. Ghouls are monsters but look like humans physically until they try to eat you. Our main character becomes a half human/ghoul by some unfortunate circumstances. Very gruesome show. I like.
  • Terror in Resonance – This is actually a show dealing with terrorism. We have yet to figure out why the characters are terrorists but there has been a lot of foreshadowing. I’m impressed because usually anime deals with terrorists as the “other” but they are front line in this show. Lots of homage paid to real terrorist attacks that have occurred in our lifetime and in other centuries.
  • The Kawai Complex Guide – This show is complete but I’ve just started watching it. Its my comic relief. It has tons of fanservice (shocker!) but it works for this show. It is done in a way that has me cracking up and is relevant to the plot.
  • One Week Friends – I finished this a couple of weeks ago. Interesting premise, a girl forgets her friends after one week and the boy who wants to stay her friend forever.

I’m also watching Captain Earth, Hamatora, Blue Spring Ride, and I’m going to check out more shows that were posted as recommendations in my post about looking for more mature anime directed towards adult; or has more serious content. Tokyo Ghoul and Terror in Resonance definitely meet that criteria. Happy Friday, everyone!

To Mecha or not to Mecha?

knights-of-sidonia-GAUNA/HUMANActually that’s not really the question. **Spoiler alert** – I’m probably going to go off on a tangent in this post as I am wont to do. I enjoy a good mecha anime and recently I’ve found one. It is a Netflix exclusive which means I can marathon to my heart’s content. The series “Knights of Sidonia” is only on Netflix and you can watch it either subbed or dubbed. It is released after the season is complete in Japan which means its not a simulcast but I don’t mind. I think I prefer the whole season being released in full. The downside to that is that one can get sucked into watching a show hours at a time. Who am I kidding? I do that anyway.

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Obsession with Youth

Since life is starting to balance out some, and I’ve figured out how to type on my laptop whilst holding a tiny one; I figured I could try my hand at a blog post. This is a celebration of sorts! I miss my blog. I miss being able to read others’ blogs. I am so behind on current anime and I haven’t been watching older anime series. I have been watching a lot of K-Drama and I think it’s because I have found shows with adult characters. I’ve finished two series; “Let’s Eat” and “Witch’s Romance”. It was a coincidence that both main female characters fell for younger men. I’m not going to talk about those shows but if you are interested in K-Drama that doesn’t focus on high school characters; check those two romantic comedies out. Continue reading

Still Alive!!!

I have not posted in a while. My silence has been a little longer than usual because of the massive changes that have been going on in my life. I know I have probably lost a few readers but I wanted to check in and let you know that I am not gone but I am on hiatus. The reason for my silence is I have simply been exhausted as my body makes another little anime fan. Couple this with a very stressful job, I have not had the energy to post as much as I used to. I am still watching anime, of course. I would be unhappy if I didn’t . I just finished watching Tatakau Shisho (The Book of Bantorra). It was a recommendation from one of you wonderful readers and it was a good one. Thanks. I’m always on the lookout for quality older anime from before the last four years of anime.


Someday I will take over the world!

Please continue to bear with me, people! I really plan on being back in full once I get my bearings. The little anime fan is almost done cooking. I hope you all are watching some good new shows. Tell me what you’re watching or what you recommend. Happy anime watching!

There are Thoughts!


This winter season is almost over. I’m not disappointed in what I have been watching this season. Thankfully, the shows have been interesting because this has been a rough winter. Snowstorms, earthquakes, freezing temperatures; you name it, we’ve had it. So it’s been nice to be able to log into Crunchyroll and Hulu to find something to watch.  I’ve continued with a couple of shows this season from last season; they include Kill la Kill and Samurai Flamenco.

Kill la Kill is a show that I normally wouldn’t watch. Most of you who have read my blog over time know that I am not a huge fan of fanservice. Kill la Kill is filled with it to the point of overkill. However, there was a story within it all and it was finally revealed in the last two episodes! I was excited because a prediction I made on Tumblr was accurate. I won’t reveal it here if you have not watched it. I was still surprised though I had made the guess. I could not believe I was right. I will venture to say this show is addressing materialism. Allowing clothes, money, and power to take control over our lives that we lose our humanity. Society is brainwashed and cannot see corporations taking over their lives and controlling every aspect such as where we live, what we eat, where we go to school, where we work; complete control. Those who attempt to fight against it are attacked by brute force, imprisoned, forced to go underground. Kill la Kill explores this in its haphazard art, outrageous fight scenes, and obsession with nudity. All the characters have personality which I generally cannot say for most shows I watch. I genuinely like them all except Ragyo Kiryuin; though her rainbow colored hair is fabulous. There are a couple of scenes with her and Satsuki that are too perverted for me to sit through. Spoiler: comes across a bit incestuous and are completely pointless.  My favorite character is Mako with her undying idiot savant-ness (made that word up) and staunch commitment to her friend, Ryuko, and her family. There seems to be something between her and Ira Gamagori. Looks like Gamagori might actually care for a girl other than Satsuki. The battle between corporate control rages on this season and I’m interested to see how it is resolved.

Samurai Flamenco derailed completely. It had such a dramatic turn in events that I continued to watch it.  Lets start with your average wanna-be superhero. Hall monitor by night; concerned about littering, and pickpocketing but steadily moving up to bigger crimes where people start to notice your influence and want to know your true identity. Spoiler ALERT: Then BAM, lets introduce MONSTERS.  Plot twist!!! Where the hell did these monsters come from? They seriously came out of nowhere. There was no indication in the show outside of the OP (which led you to believe it was really just Masayoshi Yazama dreaming) of monster fighting. Some people don’t seem to care for the plot twist and feel Samurai Flamenco should have ended but I find the show endearing. Masayoshi’s character is truly sweet and honest though he is quite naive. He truly wants to help his fellow citizens. I think there are people who want to be superheroes and save the world from bad guys but don’t have the guts or resources to do so. It is true being a superhero as portrayed in anime or western cartoons is quite fantastical. But before the show went into left field with exploding monsters “Viva TORTURE!”, it was quite realistic. Masayoshi trained himself to be stronger, faster, he gained equipment, he was pretty much a loner outside of one true friend.  The only problem is real cops don’t like vigilantes. 

So as usual, with me not blogging as consistently once I get to blog, I realize that if I say everything, the post will be quite long. These two shows are not the only ones I’m watching. I’m also watching Hamatora; which so far to me is quite good and Silver Spoon. I will need to make sure to come back and blog about those soon; not in a month or so. I wish I could blog and watch anime at the same time but that is difficult to achieve because when you look away from the screen, you miss the subtitle! Happy anime watching!


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