A Conventional Thing to Do (Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013)

This weekend, I enjoyed the three day fun fest called Anime Weekend Atlanta.  I spent massive amounts of time surrounded by noting but otakus and furries. I have yet to figure out what the furries were doing there. And lets not forget the steampunkers who are popping up everywhere. So what does one do at a con?  Well, there are three things you must do. You must eat, bathe, and sleep. One thing about cons is that many people tend not to bathe and that can lead to a terrible funk. People also tend not to sleep so they end up passing out in hallways, corridors and game rooms.

i'm just going to lay right hereTogether

My photos of the con are not professional, all were taken on my cell as I left my camera at home. This is a con through the eyes of a regular person without a fancy camera and editing skills.

The guy sleeping on the left had to be exhausted because he was lying right next to the Dance Dance Revolution game where an active session was going on with blaring music. He was completely out of it. So you’ve got your people passed out in various states of repose and then you have DaExterminateleks chasing you. I was actually terrified as the Dalek was moving quite quickly I might add towards me stating “Exterminate! Exterminate!” I backed away at a rapid pace, I assure you. By the way, the cosplayer in the Dalek costume won an award in the costume contest. It was actually a well done costume though its not anime.

Speaking of anime, there were tons of Shinjeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) cosplayers. It was apparent that this is a popular show. It was so many, I only felt the need to take a picture of one because it literally looked like they all purchased their costume from the same website.  I liked this guy because of the nose piercing. He gave the costume more of an edgy look plus he had a great head of hair and an awesome little beard. I'm Awesome

The beauty of Anime Weekend Atlanta is the demographics. There was such variety in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, physical ability; you name it. Its family oriented so there are a number of families. I’m just going to leave some shots here for you all. Have you ever been to an anime con before? What did you like? What didn’t you like? Click on the pictures for a closer look. The last two were not taken by me but they are of my friend from work. Enjoy!Hi guys!I'm ready for my closeup1024x768_bestfit_13 1024x768_bestfit_14 256x256_fit_one_bestfit_13 1024x768_bestfit_17 256x256_fit_one_bestfit_14 256x256_fit_one_bestfit_15 1024x768_bestfit_20 1024x768_bestfit_28 256x256_fit_one_bestfit_23 1024x768_bestfit_4 256x256_fit_one_bestfit_30 256x256_fit_one_bestfit 1024x768_bestfit_45

Princess Mononoke et al 1024x768_bestfit_31 1024x768_bestfit_35 1024x768_bestfit_39

Try me 1024x768_bestfit_2

I Am Not an Otaku

otakufemaleI love anime. I tend to watch it daily some weeks. I will marathon it, create wallpapers, read aniblogs, lurk on anime forums, purchase DVDs, figurines, and talk about it to anyone who listens. But I am not an otaku. Depending on where you look, otaku is a derogatory term, meant to insult those with an obsessive interest in anime.  An otaku cannot possibly have a significant other; because where would they find the time? Admittedly, my interest in anime has freaked a couple of guys out.  One even asked me why couldn’t a just be a “normal” person. Another told me it was “creepy”.  Keep in mind, I don’t watch hentai; these individuals watched porn a lot but I didn’t call them creepy pervs which they were. However, it is a false assumption to presume that otakus don’t have significant others.

Another  image that comes to people’s minds when they think of an otaku, is an overweight,pale, disheveled, glasses wearing male. Granted, I’m sure many otaku look this way but there are many others who do not. Some people do fit the stereotypes as these two males who work at a non-anime store that I frequent. I pegged them at first glance as anime geeks.  One had on a Naruto wristband and the other had on a mini-drill necklace from Gurren Lagann. They were neither pale or overweight; quite the opposite actually. They were also extremely awkward and made terrible jokes.  And upon further conversation, they played card games. They didn’t pick up that I was a serious anime watcher until I noted they were and it surprised them. Because I don’t match the stereotype.

Seeing as I am a serious anime fan, I view otaku as a term of endearment for those who take their love of anime to the next level. Those whose lives revolve around anime and will save money to spend it on anime and anime related goods. Is that weird? Its no different than someone who buys all the paraphernalia to their favorite television drama. Granted, there are some weird otaku but that’s humanity in general. There are always your outliers.

I do have other interests outside of anime; I’m a reader.  I don’t read much manga because its expensive to buy and my local library doesn’t stock up on it. The manga I own has come from second hand bookstores.  I also own a few figurines; with two on my desk at work.  They are of Gintoki, one of my favorite characters next to Vash. Would I have more figurines if I could afford it? Absolutely. Would I own more of my favorite series? Absolutely. However, I’d rather not go broke because of a hobby.   But a girl can still dream.

Do you consider yourself an otaku? Do you think it is an insult or a term of endearment?

Not Your Kid’s Show

Honor and a Penis

Honor and a Penis! Shin Chan. Definitely not your little children’s show. One of the few anime I thank Adult Swim for introducing me to.  Shin Chan is a show that I can watch more than once and I can’t say that about many shows. It makes me laugh every time I’ve watch it.  Shin Chan is completely inappropriate and I would compare it to Family Guy in terms of the type of humor except its better and less offensive.  It is a show that is not on Crunchyroll but is on Hulu Plus. Shin Chan is a kindergartener with  a gutter mouth and very little respect for adult figures except when he wants something. Shin Chan is hilariously disrespectful and is willing to go tho extremes to get what he wants; that includes going on strike. The anime was birthed from a manga (how many shows didn’t come from manga?) and is still running; just not on Adult Swim. It is potty humor at its finest and its more hilarious because it is a small child spouting it out. Shin Chan was the first anime that I saw that made no qualms about showing a penis. I’m pretty confident to say that I was most likely taken aback because generally one doesn’t see a penis in a non-sexualized setting in an anime. That was my experience until Shin Chan. For Shin, to be a man,”You must have honor and a peeenis!”

Do I have a gutter sense of humor? Probably. However, I think the show was the most amusing for me because of Shin. It would not have been as funny if all the characters were adults. The funniest characters were the children who made adult statements that were completely out of line. The show didn’t just deal in potty humor. It explored family dynamics and relationships, work life (having to kowtow to your boss), housing, and financial issues. In a sense, it was very real and down to earth.  Shin Chan can be viewed on Hulu with limited commercial interruption, the only option is dubbed on Hulu but the dub is pretty good. The animation looks like it could have been drawn by a child but that makes it all the more endearing. And remember Shin can so wipe his own ass!

I watched and sang this theme song every single time.

Enter the Pale Cocoon

Enter the pale cocoonI mentioned in my last post that I just started watching random anime; shows I have never heard of and shows that I would most likely ignore otherwise. In my game of anime roulette, I came across an OVA titled Pale Cocoon.  Ok, so its not surprising that I chose this to watch if I’m going to be honest with myself and you, dear readers.  It looked like it was about space and the future. I like science fiction and the unknown a space; perfect. I was also attracted to the fact that it was only 23 minutes and not another show I needed to invest myself into.

I really did not know what to expect as I generally don’t watch many OVAs and I’ve only seen one thing directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura and that was Eve no Jikan a couple of years ago and is a must-watch. I don’t like putting spoilers in my posts but I don’t want this to sound like a Wiki post.  If you’ve seen Eve no Jikan, Pale Cocoon is obviously older (2006 vs 2010) by its animation and visuals. Eve no Jikan is achingly beautifully animated and much more detailed. However, this is not to say Pale Cocoon is not detailed; its just not as beautiful which is probably purposeful as it has a very dystopian feel.

The viewer is introduced to only four characters; Ura, Riko, Yoko Yamaguchi, and an unnamed colleague of Ura. Ura, Riko, and the unnamed colleague all work in an underground colony which is the only place humans can live. It also seems  quite cold where they live as they clothed in heavy layers. They all seem to suffer from depression as none have ever been above. They have never experienced the blue sky, greenery, or fresh air. You learn that they have been moving further and further down into the underground colony.  The main character, Ura, throws himself into his work in the archive excavation department and dreams of a world lost and unknown to him; the fertile green of Earth. 

Dead eyes

He discovers a record that he is trynig to analyze which is a video of a Yoko Yamaguchi. He is obsessed wtih understanding it while his friend Riko wonders why he is so zealous at his job. She and his unnamed colleauge are tired of their daily grind. Their voices are flat and emotionless, fatigued. It is apparent that living in an underground colony is slowly draining them. The video of Yoko Yamaguchi leads Ura to do something he has not done before and apparently not many others.  And this is where the surprise comes in at the end of this short film. One that should have been expected but it wasn’t for me.  What I took from the film is what I always take from dystopian and apocalyptic films and books, humans really need to care more for our home. Any other option is undesirable.

Rekindled Affair

Love my shirtless body!I have missed anime this past year of wedding planning! It has been so refreshing to actually get back into watching more than one show. Last season, I was really only watching Shingeki no Kyojin on a consistent basis. I didn’t finish Aku no Hana until right after the wedding. Now I’m back to my normal four to five series with a K-Drama thrown in. Quick recap of what I’m watching: Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan), Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon),  Kami sama no Inai Nichiyōbi (KnIN or Sunday without God), and Genshiken Nidaime (Genshiken Second Season). I’ve not seen the first season of Genshiken Nidaime but it doesn’t seem like I missed anything. I also just finished watching Queen of the Office which is a pretty funny K-Drama.  I didn’t realize how much I missed anime until I started watching it consistently again. I’ve downloaded all these games from Steam but haven’t played them because I haven’t got the time, I must watch anime.  This is also the first time I have only watched currently running shows. Usually I’m watching an older series while I’m watching the new ones because the seasons are finished but not this time. Though I guess I can actually get around to watching Clannad. It seems real popular amongst people so I want to see what all the hubbub is about; can’t recall why I never got past the first two episodes.

Last night, I went through Crunchyroll watching random anime. I just clicked on random shows and watched them. I ended up watching Parasite Dolls which is an OVA. If you’ve seen Bubblegum Crisis, you will recognize the setting. Its a three part series but I fell asleep on the third part. I watched Servant x Service which seems a bit perverted. A main point seemed to be one of the character’s abnormally large breasts and another character’s little sister with a brother complex. I probably won’t be watching that one. I’ve decided to play anime roulette. Whatever show I land on, I have to at least watch the first episode. This is actually quite fun and adds more excitement to my anime watching. Suffice it to say, my affair with anime has recommenced.

Feel free to throw out an anime you think I should watch!


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