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Can two loves coexist peacefully?


han-suk-kyu-yoo-yeon-seok-seo-hyun-jinI have a confession to make. This post isn’t going to be romantic at all. It is a sort of romance, my attraction to entertaining forms of media. In the past five years, I’ve become interested in K-drama. My first completed drama was Boys over Flowers. I was so excited about it, that I interrupted my regular posts on anime to talk about it. Since then, I have completed several dramas; I have watched medical dramas; currently trying to complete Romantic Doctor Kim which ended on January 16th. Still not sure why it’s called “Romantic Doctor Kim because he’s not really romantic. Unless, you consider the fanboy crush that Kang Dong Joo seems to have on him. Though, there is romance in the show as there seems to be in most K-dramas. Lots of fake kisses; think American black and white films with the fake, passionate kiss.

The conundrum that my newfound love places me in is that it leaves me with even less time to watch anime. K-drama episodes are usually over an hour; for some reason; one episode is almost the length of a feature film. Marathoning them can leave one up until the next day. Anime episodes are generally 25-30 minutes so it is much easier to do a marathon. But now that I like K-dramas and they churn them out rapidly; there is almost new show every month. So what am I to do? K-drama has so much to offer and there are plenty of shows with adult characters which is sorely missing in anime; so easier to relate to the characters even though we come from different cultures. A lot has happened in my life in the last 3 years lending to the paucity of my posts but if I’m honest, a huge component of that would be that the time I would have spent watching a few episodes of an anime series, I’ve spent watching one episode of a K-drama. Watching one episode usually leads to two and sometimes three. Which leads to the question; can I talk about both in this blog? What do you think? Do you have other hobbies that have equal time as anime such as gaming or reading manga/comics?

Happy New Year!!! – Is it too late?

I have been thinking about my blog lately and have decided that I really am going to get back to blogging. Yes, my life has been extremely busy and I have been balancing all things motherhood/wife/working full-time and not watching anime as much as I used to. Ok, I am still watching anime as much as I used to but I used to blog while at work; had a job with a lot of free time and I don’t have that anymore with my current job. With all that said; I’m a bit late but Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017!

I have plans to attend TWO cons this year instead of one. I have been faithfully going to the same one for the past eight years but have decided to check out MomoCon this year! I had been wavering because of the gaming component (I’m not very good at it) but figured since I had been wanting to go; why not go ahead and do it? I will blog on my experience.

Now to the meat of it all; what have I been watching?


Gintama, of course! We are on Season 8 and I’m still watching. This remains the only show that I have watched with over 200 episodes. It remains a very good watch; great balance of comedy, action, emotional turmoil; the past two season have been a bit dark but this season appears to have lighten up a bit. I’m hoping will find out more about Gintoki’s ancestry because the OP seems to allude to there being more to Gintoki’s humanity coupled with the comment made to him as a child from his former teacher, Yoshida Shouyou. I’m not sure they will get to it in this season but I hope that they do.



ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka (ACCA 13 Territory Inspection Dept). I didn’t know what to expect when starting this show and I have become pleasantly surprised. A show with political intrigue; a coup broiling but who is behind the coup? Is it the main character or is he being set up? It feels like a twist will present itself in this show. Initially, I had no idea what was going on but that went away after the third episode. A peaceful society only on the surface it seems.


Nanbaka. I know. I know. It’s my guilty pleasure. It’s starts off as a comedy then does a 180. I just love tragic background stories in a main character. We’re in Season 2 and though the last few episodes in Season 1 were violent and tenebrous; so far, it has not explored that ominous setting in full just yet in Season 2. I’m sure it will get there as the darkness didn’t appear until the latter episodes of Season 1. It brings to mind Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

There is more but I will save for future posts. I look forward to honing my writing and getting back into the ani-blog community. What are you watching now?


New Lease on Anime


The wonders of anime!

It has been a while, hasn’t it? Every since I got married and had a child, I’ve not been as active with my blog. I’m hoping to reinvigorate my blog as my love for anime has been renewed after attending a popular anime con over the weekend. I thought that maybe I was growing past anime but I realized over the weekend; that wasn’t it. It really is due to the fact that the past few seasons simply did not have shows that truly appealed to me. There’s only so much high school shit I can watch. I am long past high school and the characters don’t speak to me. They all look the same, have the same annoying voices, and the plots are pretty predictable at this point. I understand that anime companies want to appeal to the audience that they feel will spend the most money and high school anime series are popular. But for those like me who want more; we seem to have less options each season.

However, this is not to say that I do not like shows/manga where the main characters are teenagers. I really enjoyed Skip Beat (tv series) so much that I started reading the manga.  I may go into more detail on why I like this particular series in another post. I’ve found that my interest in anime has strayed because I have strayed from what really drew me into anime. I enjoy mecha anime; preferably the dystopian mecha with a lot of darkness; such as The Big O. I even enjoyed Gurren Lagann even with its flaws and plot holes. I love sci-fi, psychological thrillers (how I miss Satoshi Kon), and action — lots of bloody action. Thankfully, Netflix seems to be trying to fill that hole with anime choices such as Ajin and Sindonia no Kishi. All is not lost! With that said; starting in 2017, I plan to get back involved in my blogging and not give up on anime. For those of you who are still around, thank you for sticking with my blog.

Long Time No See

maxresdefaultIt’s been a while. I had promised that I would attempt to blog more frequently but life as an adult: working mom, wife, gym rat, friend, family member, got in the way.  I lost my best friend in May and that hit me very hard. Death at any age can be difficult but when you’re young, you still sort of see death as something in the future. We sure did. We were planning birthday celebrations that were almost 10 years in the future. I lost my will to do much and for a while I was unable to enjoy my usual extracurricular activities. I went through the motions of my everyday life; going to work, caring for my husband and child, and watching a smattering of anime.

I know that this blog is mostly about anime but I want to take the time to honor my best friend. I have still not gotten over her passing and though I know that she is with God and at peace, my heart still hurts. It is not often that we find that person who accepts us no matter who we are. Who laughs at our nerdy antics but doesn’t judge. The friend that keeps you together when you may fall apart.

In Anohana:The Flower We Saw That Day (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai), when Meiko passes away, the group of friend drifted away because she was the glue holding them together.  Although, there was not a group of us, my best friend was like how Meiko was to Jinta, in the way that I have sort of isolated from my other friends and not really wanting to interact with others. Anohana is a good example of how the pain of someone close to you passing away does not always dissipate over time. It can be very long-lasting to the point that it is paralyzing.  For the main characters in Anohana, they needed some type of resolution to move on. It is even harder to move on when you don’t know the cause of the death.

There were times where I wondered if there was something I could have done to prevent her passing. Logically, I know that is not true but when you have a conversation with someone on the day of their passing, you go over that conversation repeatedly to see if there was something that you missed.  Death is not easy to deal with especially when the death is premature as was the case in Anohana as with my best friend. We don’t know why she passed and we are still waiting on the results. I think there could be some resolution if we knew the reason. It’s definitely hard saying goodbye but I must say goodbye to her, goodbye to all the fun we had, to the fights, to the future plans (she was actually going to an anime con with me for the first time), to becoming old, crotchety women together.  Goodbye, my friend, and thank you.


A Revisit to Friendship


In No Friend Zone, I discussed my lack of IRL friends that share the same interest as I in anime and K-drama. I feel that I need to revisit and provide more insight into this situation and more candor. I mentioned that I did not know any one in my community that watched anime growing up. This was not helped as I was not a consumer of televised media as a child as a result of the parenting philosophy of my progenitors.  This led to being a bookworm. There were many times that I was called a “nerd” and when I was a child, being a nerd wasn’t cool or trendy.

All that combined meant I was not very socially interactive. I could not talk with the other children about the shows they watched unless it had been on PBS or the news. No one else read anything outside of the required reading and the fact that I read because I wanted to was really weird to my peers.  Don’t read this to and think that I was completely isolated. I wasn’t, I had my built-in friends; you know the ones you really don’t have a choice in and I actually made friends. Or as some of my current friends will attest, they made themselves my friend. As I grew older, I also did not make many female friends. I did not really notice this until I became an adult. I only recall two females in my homeroom and I’m sure they were more. But I remember the males; not all, the ones I interacted with. This shows me that I didn’t talk to an of the females in my homeroom on a consistent basis; if at all.

I’m no longer friends with the males for the most part because there are social mores at play. I’ve got two good male friends, one who does share my interests and the other whose idea of anime probably leans towards the hentai area. So that brings us back to today, my social awkwardness makes it harder for me to communicate with others; especially females. In particular at anime conventions where I feel it may be the most likely place to find a friend similar to myself. The deeper issue is I really have a hard time communicating with females. It was always much easier and still is for me to interact with males when it comes to my interest. The feeling of judgment or like I’m being compared to themselves is not there. I don’t feel that I’m being measured and I feel that way with females.

I would like to have a female friend close to my age with a similar background and similar tastes. But the truth is, I really don’t know how to make a friend.

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