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Why do you like Japan so much?

That is a question that is not only asked of me but is a question I ask myself.

It’s apparent when looking at me, I am not Japanese or remotely Asian. I have never been further than the Caribbean and I’ve only visited a few states in my home country, the United States of America. I have not been to Hawaii, the premier vacation destination of my country! So where did this interest in Japan come from? I’m a person who does not know any Asians outside of the ones I have met when I’m eating at a Chinese, Vietnamese, or “Japanese” restaurant. I put Japanese in quotation marks because I have yet to eat at an authentic one. I have found that every one I have visited has been owned and operated by Koreans. How did I find this out? I ask the people who work there where they were from and I was even provided with an explanation why most of the Japanese restaurants in my home city are actually owned by Koreans.

My interest in Japan started with watching anime. I began to wonder about the culture behind who created the shows. I wanted to know more about the people and their stories. The most I knew of Japan was that it attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941 and the US responded by putting Japanese-Americans in concentration camps and bombing the tar out of Hrioshima and Nagasaki. Not a good relationship there, eh?  Some of the shows I watched such as Cowboy Bebop and The Big O aren’t exactly the best shows when you think of modern culture of Japan. It was when I started watching slice of life anime that I truly started wondering what Japan looked like and how the people behaved.

I started reading about the architecture of Japan and was introduced to the beauty of Japanese trains! I moved from only watching anime to watching Japanese films. I started listening to Japanese music, visiting websites that discussed Japanese history and their modern culture. I began reading Japanese news to find out more about this old and beautiful place. Seeing as I am a history buff, I loved that Japan is so old which means there is a lot of history in the country. It was also amazing to me that they were able to survive such catastrophic events such as complete decimations of cities from US bombings and still create beautiful things. I found the Japanese to be a strong group of people with high fortitude which encouraged my admiration and respect for the place.

And how can you not like a place that creates beautiful places such as this:

Osaka Castle Japanese Garden (Credit:

Look at that garden! It is absolutely gorgeous and encourages serenity. I learned that there was more to Japan than Tokyo, the big bustling city that is popular with tourists. It also may be important to note that I have only met one Japanese person in my life and did not have much conversation with them. So I think part of my interest in Japan is due to the unknown.  It’s like an elusive entity drawing me in, a place that I cannot touch just yet.


  1. this blogposts almost perfectly describes my own interest in Japan, how I couldn’t explain it initially and how it grew.

  2. GoodbyeNavi

    Thanks for the response. How have you come to explain it now?

  3. i too have no idea why i love japan lol, all started when i watched their dramas, variety shows and i dig more on their culture and learn their language. but seriously, their culture amazed me.. 🙂

    • GoodbyeNavi

      Japan is very cool and just the thought of visiting makes me feel like a little kid going into my favorite toy store! I haven’t really watched their dramas, I’ve mostly watched Korean dramas but I have been meaning to check out some Japanese ones.

  4. Eve

    God, I can’t even believe how perfectly this post describes how my interest in Japan developed. It’s a small world 🙂

    • GoodbyeNavi

      I wonder how many people became interested in Japan from watching anime and allowing it to grow from there. Its interesting because I loved kung fu movies as a child but I never had any interest in visiting China.

  5. Andrew

    A very late comment but I couldn’t help myself after reading this post.
    I. for myself have little idea how come I like japanese culture so much, since I was very young to remember how it begun. But I’ve always loved japanese rpgs (such as chrono trigger) and anime (such as haruhi suzumiya) and I still can’t pinpoint the reason for such fascination, nor why I prefer japanese things.
    And yep, this post also describes how I somewhat feel.

    • Japan has an old culture and it’s admirable to see them combine the old with the new. Their culture has been around for a very long time, the people have been through many things and they still survive. They create beautiful things which there is no comparison.

  6. i asked myself the same question just now and wondered if someone in the world wide web would share the same sentiment. So here I am. Agreeing with you 🙂

    I liked how you said this: “It was also amazing to me that they were able to survive such catastrophic events such as complete decimations of cities from US bombings and still create beautiful things.”

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