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What are you watching? – Ergo Proxy

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Right now Ergo Proxy (Erugo Purakushī) is on my currently watching list. It is not the only show I am watching at this time but it is the oldest show out of the bunch. I am watching several currently running series but due to my interest in scifi, Ergo Proxy was recommended so I am giving it a shot. This is not a review of the show as I watch but more of my perception of the series. These are my current musings that occur as I get closer to completing this series. First, lets look at the two terms “ergo” and “proxy”. Ergo means therefore according to Dictionary.Com which is the same as I defined it and how Merriam-Webster defines it: hence; therefore. Proxy on the other hand had multiple definitions but all dealt with another, whether an agency, person, or a function authorized to act for another; such as your parents making decisions for you as a child. You may wonder, what does this have to do with the series? Well, the title of series always intrigue me as they give an idea of what the show is about or where it is trying to go. This may not always be the case but titles can be powerful. After watching several episodes for the series, the title’s meaning became more clear. The Proxies who are seen to monsters for those who do not understand them are Gods. Each God has a function and in terms of a religious God, God is the ultimate proxy and is authorized to act on any one’s behalf. Ergo Proxy: Therefore I am God. Hence, I wasn’t surprised in episode 10 when one of the main characters, Raul stated: “I think, therefore I am.” Though this series is scifi, there are philosophical underpinnings that make it even more profound.

The artwork for this series has been very dark, giving a gloomy atmosphere, though humans are supposedly living in a utopia. A utopia, a domed city that was built after a global ecological disaster (that’s pretty standard fare scifi). Are there robots? There are AutoReivs and these androids affected with the Cogito virus have been murdering humans as they become “self-aware”. My question is why was the Cogito virus released, for what purposes? Before I go any further into my ruminating, I will introduce the characters:

Re-L (Credit:




Re-L Mayer – I found her name to be amusing because I heard it as “real mayor” which would make some sense once you realize that her “grandfather” is the regent of Romdo, the domed city in which humans and AutoReivs reside. She stumbles upon the Proxies in a way that initially appears coincidental but as one continues to watch, one sees that there is more to the meeting.





Vincent Law – Once again, I found a name amusing. His last name is Law and as an immigrant, it is important that he remain lawful if he wants to become a Model Citizen. His character hides another relationship with the Proxy beings. He initially comes off as a meek and quiet character but turns into a dark, brooding man, a character development I was pleased with.

Vincent Law (Credit:



Pino – She is a Cogito affected AutoReiv that was owned by Raul Creed and his wife to play the role of their child until they were able to have one of their own. Pino is by far the most likeable character although she is an AutoReiv. She is perceptive and astute and holds a close relationship with Vincent Law.



One cool thing to note about this series is that at the end of each episode; there are definition of scientific terms or deeper explanations of a philosophical tenet that was introduced in the episode. I will post more on this series once I have completed it. So far, it has sucked me in but I refuse to marathon it because I feel I need to savor it.



  1. I am a bit afraid of sounding like an awful know-it all kind of person but, continuing on all the philosophical undertones, in latin “I think therefore I am” is translated as such “cogito ergo sum”.
    And, in philosophical studies the word cogito by himself is used to describe that human feeling of being and existing.
    I feel really fitting to name a virus that make androids exist for themselves as such.

    • GoodbyeNavi

      I don’t see you sounding like a know-it-all in any way. I had forgotten about the latin translation of “I think therefore I am” when I wrote this, so Cogito as the name of the virus is fitting as it is making the AutoReivs self-aware. Still not sure why it’s leading them to kill humans and I’m unsure if they are actually killing humans because that hasn’t been fully clear. In episode 11 when Vincent Law is going through his self-exploration, it is said “I think, therefore YOU are” and that I found even more intriguing especially as we give things meaning.


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