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Anime? That’s weird!


At first, I used to believe that my watching anime as I got deeper into it was weird. I thought maybe it was a bit strange that I liked to watching something that was completely different from my culture, a cartoon and I wasn’t a little kid anymore. The thing is, I have always been fascinated with cartoons as I am fascinated with art in general. It has always been amazing to me that people have the ability to create images and put them on paper or screen using a pencil, pen, paint, digital software, charcoal, etc. So animated art always amazed me as it is something that no matter how hard I try and how much I want to, I do not have the ability to do so. When I was introduced to anime, it was not only the cool stories that came with the series I started with, but the detail that was put into the work.

For example, Cowboy Bebop and The Big O were my two favorites when I started seriously watching anime. Even the tiniest detail was paid attention to in these shows. Clothes moved how they would naturally, shadows were created, dials were drawn to precision in the machinery (spaceships, huge mecha), mislaid papers, facial expressions, screws; I find that fascinating. I love creativity and many anime series provide me with that need to see something fresh and interesting. Now as my interest in anime grew, I realized that there were different types of anime out there just as there are different types of books, music, television shows, and movies. I found that not all anime struck my interest.

I prefer anime of the slice of life variety such as one of my current favorites; Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (AnoHana, for short), comedy such as Great Teacher Onizuka, science fiction such as Serial Experiments Lain. If a series has too much fanservice, I won’t watch it, especially if it takes away from the series. I’m really not interested in panty shots, bouncing boobs, and skimpily clad teenage girls. That is not my cup of tea. I probably will write a post about how extreme fanservice seems to be taking over popular anime series. So, I’m also not a fan of ecchi, could do without that. I also tend to not watch yuri, yaoi, or BL. I should also include just plain on romance; I don’t mind a bit of romance but if the story focuses completely on it, I can do without. And love triangles can get really annoying to me except I really did like School Rumble for some reason. I found it to be such an endearing show.

Anime is enjoyable because the imagination of its creators seems to know no bounds. It allows the viewer to travel to different worlds and a different country from wherever they are on the planet. In watching anime, I have been able to discover characters who remind me of myself in terms of personality. I find myself being able to identify with them which is something I find hard to do with live action television shows of today. None of the characters resemble my personality or even anyone I would know. Anime is a beautiful form of art and I have found that American cartoons still have not been able to capture this particular beauty.



  1. Frankie_P

    Well, I could not agree more. I hate fanservice and I hate that people judge others just because they watch anime. Saying that, I can understand why… there are some real freaks out there, I have unfortunately seen them and it’s not pretty to say the least. They do influence a lot on the bad stereotype view that people associate with otakus… So even though a lot of people are enjoying anime, and it is going mainstream with all the cosplaying and channels showing more and more anime, it is still misunderstood culturally as in some cultures they have a hard time differentiating between ‘cartoons’ for adults and adult ‘cartoons’. In time I hope more people learn to enjoy the beauty of anime on all levels.

    • GoodbyeNavi

      I agree. I think people judge us because we watch anime because they have it in their head that either “it’s just cartoons” or “hentai”. You made the distinction that people do not seem to see the difference. Yes, there is the more adult anime but that is not what I’m interested in, I’m interested in the anime with a story line, beautiful artwork, scifi focused, fantasy focused, slice of life, good and clean anime.

  2. SuperCold

    What a beautiful post. I couldn’t agree more. Some people watch anime because it’s “cool” and some people because they simply love it. I couldn’t care more if people know that I am watching anime or not. I just do it.

    Don’t need to dye my hair blue, don’t need a T-shirt that says “I love anime”. I just need my love for anime. Lol that sounded a bit lame. But it’s true.

    • Thanks. I love anime, it allows me to go to another world. That doesn’t sound lame at all. You don’t need to walk around with a sign on to show your love or purchase a lot of figurines. It’s just a part of us.


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