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But wait! There’s More! – Anime Favorites 2011

Two favorites that I cannot believe that I did not put on my last post are Gosick and Deadman Wonderland. This is what happens when you blog while under the weather. I enjoyed Deadman Wonderland so much that I started reading the manga which is very bloody but I love it!

1. Deadman Wonderland

The main character Ganta Igarashi was tried and convicted for the mass murder of his classmates. He tries to explain that it wasn’t him but the elusive “Red Man”. He is sent to a privately owned prison that also serves as an amusement park for the public. The public comes and watches shows where the prisoners are fighting to the death but the park goers do not realize this and see it all in good fun. Ganta finds out that he has to be able to win candy or win money to buy the candy so he is not killed by a poison that is inside the contraption around his neck. While in prison, Ganta runs into his old friend “Shiro” that he had forgotten and he also encounters the “Red Man” again. Ganta discovers that there are others in the prison that are not in the general population that can control their blood and use them as weapons. Of course, Ganta quickly learns he can do the same thing. If you like revenge stories with bizarre love, this is a good show for you. Ganta is also a whiny male lead like Yuuki in Mirai Nikki; the difference is that Ganta is willing to fight and get stronger and not use others to save him.

2. Gosick

Isn't Victorica adorable?

Don’t be fooled by Victorica’s or Victorique’s cuteness, she will snap your head off like a lion if you attempt to approach her. Yet, she was able to find a friend in Kazuya Kujou, a Japanese student studying abroad in the fictional European country of Sauville in 1924. Kujuo and Victorica needed a friendship as they were both outcasts at the school they attended. Victorica, because she was isolated as a young child by her psychotic father so she really does not know how to interact with other people. Kujuo, for obvious reasons, he was a foreigner and his classmates associated him with the person that comes in Spring and brings death and called him “The Black Reaper”. The school that they attend seems obsessed with ghost stories. Victorica and Kujuo work together to solve various mysteries with the greatest mystery surrounding Victorica, herself. I know I am not much of a romance story watcher but watching their budding romance was enjoyable. We have our tsundere, Victorica, and our weak-willed, scaredy cat, male character, Kujuo. I don’t particular enjoy weak male leads but Kujuo’s weakness was kind of endearing and he really tried hard to be strong.

Both shows are good to watch. One if you’re looking for blood, gore, and fighting. The other if you like mysteries (the mysteries were pretty easy to solve) and a budding romance. And how can you not love Victorica/Victorique’s laugh.


  1. Victorique ❤

    • You’re probably wondering why I used both spellings…well, in one manga I saw it as Victorica but Crunchyroll had it as Victorique and most writings has it as Victorique but the way it is pronounced doesn’t match that particular spelling regardless that it’s French. Ahh, but who cares? She was such a cute gothic lolita!

  2. Kai

    I approve. Both of these are awesome anime ;D

  3. Gosick surely deserves a mention but to me one of the best one were Usagi Drop, i saw you listed most of them on the other post, id also put Nichijou as honorable mention ^^

    Hoping 2012 will be a even bigger and better year for anime!

    • GoodbyeNavi

      I chose not to add Usagi Drop because I stopped watching it. I initially found it to be very cute but there was an underlying current that was pretty uncomfortable for me. Seeing as I also knew how the manga ended and I saw signs of it in later episodes of the show, I decided to hold out so it wasn’t a favorite for me. I may pick it back up mainly because I loved the drawings of the anime and I want to get a full impression of the show. I agree that Nichijou deserved an honorable mention. I went back and forth on that one.

  4. SuperCold

    I haven’t had any time to watch the anime adaption of DW yet. Been reading it for a couple of years and it’s really good. But the chapters aren’t coming out at a good pace so I’ve stopped reading it for now. Plus, the DW manga got a little dragged out in my opinion and that was a bit boring.

    Maybe I should watch the first episode and see what I think.

    • You’re right, the DW manga has been dragging out and not sure why it’s taking so long for each chapter to come out. Give DW a shot, it’s not too bad. It’s the reason I started reading the manga to began with.

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