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Favorite Anime Endings

This seems to be a common post in the anime blog community so it’s only natural that I would post mines.  You would think that I would start with openings but I’m starting with endings because it was due to watching an ending that I liked that prompted this post. That ending was from xxxHolic; I decided to finish watching the series after having put it on hold for a year or so. It is currently streaming on Netflix; it is dubbed and the dubs aren’t too bad. I prefer subbed anime but I like watching anime on my television more than on my computer. It also serves to note that if I like the ending of an anime, I probably like the opening as well. So here we go; first up…

xxxHolic First Ending in full:

I realized that I like jazzy endings with smooth vocal styling. I noticed that my favorite endings seem to have similar musical qualities.

Inuyasha Ending 2: Fukai Mori:

This was the first ending I ever liked and sought out the artist to hear more!

Cowboy Bebop Ending:

Interesting tidbit about my introduction to Cowboy Bebop; it was the first time I had ever met anyone who was in love with a fictional character. My college roommate was obsessed with Spike and every night we watched Cowboy Bebop and I watched her drool over him.

Samurai Champloo Ending:


  1. SuperCold

    Cowboy Bebop and Champloos endings are classic! And both of them are great series. Maybe I shuold rewatch them.

    These are all fabolous endings and awesome anime series. you got good taste!

    • I own Samurai Champloo but not Cowboy Bebop so I have re-watched SC a few times! But when I was thinking about these endings, it made me realize I really need to own Cowboy Bebop. I miss good anime like that.

      • SuperCold

        Yeah CB is a one in a million anime. It’s really awesome.

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