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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! – Where the Smallest Person Plays the Biggest Part

First, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope that 2012 brings you tons of happiness and great anime.  I’m not big on making resolutions but I do like to give myself something new or different to do each year. 2012 is no different, I have several quests I plan to embark on and being consistent with my blog is one of them.

In one month, The Borrower Arrietty  (Karigurashi no Arrietty or The Secret World Of Arrietty) will be playing in US theaters. This movie has so many different titles! 🙂 It is supposed to be released on February 17, 2012. I am extremely excited about seeing a Studio Ghibli film on the big screen. Without Studio Ghibli’s relationship with Disney, I doubt we would be able to see their films at movie theaters. The movie is based on British writer, Mary Nortorn’s book “The Borrowers”. It was directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi and produced by Toshio Suzuki. The screenplay was done by Hayao Miyazaki (screams in delight) and Keiko Niwa. Seeing as I am a huge fan of Miyazaki’s work, it is 100% guaranteed that I will be going to see this at the theaters even if I have to go alone.

The Borrower Arrietty is about a family of borrowers whose home near the humans is put into danger because they are discovered. Arrietty is the daughter in the family of borrowers and is seen by Shō, a young boy who has come to live with his aunt. Shō is very ill and has difficulty running outside and playing due to a heart condition. When he sees Arrietty, he becomes interested in her and wonders if there are other little people around; there are, her family. However, a problem arises when the maid of the house realizes that the little people do exist and wants to capture them. They are called Borrowers because they borrow items from humans that they believe won’t be missed and use them to survive; build their homes, their food, make their clothes, decorate their home. This movie is about friendship, love, and family. I look forward to its release.



  1. Kai

    Happy New Year indeed^^ And Arrietty looks pretty good 😀

  2. Yes, it does. It has already been released in the UK. Just waiting on the US release!

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