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Digging into “Another” Anime – 2012 Has Started!

SpoooookyI was thrilled to see that Crunchyroll would be streaming Another for this Winter 2012 season. It was one of the few from this season that I planned on watching. I was actually excited for its debut yesterday and couldn’t wait to get home to watch it. I could have conceivably watched it on my cell or on the desktop where I was but I wanted to enjoy it on my television. I waffled between watching it late last night or watching it during the daytime seeing as it is a horror anime. I decided on watching last night right before I went to sleep to my utter amazement. As a rule, I try to avoid watching horror flicks at night. Don’t laugh, my subconscious plays tricks on me and my sleep and I usually end up being haunted by whatever I watched. 🙂 I will give my first impressions of the show without revealing too many spoilers.

For starters, it seems that Another will build up to the fear. It started off slowly with just the sufficient amount of mystery to keep me intrigued. It opened with the main character,  Kouichi Sakakibara, lying in a hospital bed and his grandmother bemoaning his illness. It is not immediately clear how Sa-ka-ki-ba-ra ended up in the hospital but this is revealed later in the episode. While in the hospital, Sakakibara is visited by three students from his class and that is when it starts to get weird. The three are just standing there quietly and they appear to be genuinely spooked about his name. I’m assuming that the anime will answer what the issue is with Sakakibara’s name in the next episode because much attention was paid to it in this premiere. Kouichi Sakakibara meets the strange girl with the eyepatch, Mei Misaki,  also in the hospital (though she is not ill) and where she is heading there is unusual.

The episode continues with not as much dialogue as you would expect but a lot of focusing on facial expressions of the characters. This is where the eerie factor of the show makes its appearance. Sakakibara will say a name or make a statement and eyes will widen, sharp glances will pass between different characters, but no one gives him a straight response. In not giving him a straight response, they are also not giving us the answer. Then there is the music in the background. It gives you the feeling that there is something about to jump out of the screen, it does a decent job of being spine-chilling and giving an unearthly tone to the show. There is a lot going on at Yomiyama North Middle School especially in grade 9, class 3 and I am looking forward to solving the mysteries.



  1. Good to have another horror/psychological series on the go, and one that couldn’t be more different from Mirai Nikki too – a much slower start, with few hints as to what is wrong with the school/class or the protagonists name, and nothing outright scary (music aside). Like you, I’m hoping it’ll take time and build up the mystery and horror over time, so that it’ll be all the more effective when things get serious! 🙂

    • So far it does have the psychological fear aspect and for me that is what makes things true horror. It was also nice how they interspersed flashes of the dolls (one looked to have red tissue paper in her head to mimic the brain) and blood stains throughout the show. I would think “What was that all about?”

  2. This definitely sounds better than the book. There was a lot of dialogue in the book that the anime appears to have replaced with facial expressions which I can already tell works well just by reading your description.

    Interesting that they gave more weight to his name. It’s mentioned a few times, but not with the weight you’ve noted here and a quick wiki look up indicates it was the same name as a criminal. So not really as spooky a connection as they are making it out to be in the anime, but still, it adds to the overall psychological drama.

    • I tend not to read wiki while I’m watching a show to avoid spoilers. The show tricks you a bit but I was able to accurately predict the outcome.

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