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How do you watch anime?

Cable addict

Addicted to cables

People always seem surprised that I don’t have cable. For most of my life I was without cable even though we had it. I was rarely home to watch television. However, whenever I could I would watch American cartoons. The point is, I can live without cable. Most of what I watch can be found on the internet. I always make sure to be able to connect to the net wherever I am staying. If I can’t have the internet, I at least must have books. I used to watch most of my anime on my computer and then I was introduced to Roku Player and Boxee. Even though I didn’t have cable, I had Netflix streaming through my Wii. I was ecstatic when I discovered I could watch my favorite anime site, Crunchyroll on a television screen. See, at the time, my computer was more advanced than my television. I could not connect my computer to my television due to antiquity of my television. But the Roku Player could. I made sure to check that it could connect to a television as old as mines. The clincher was finding out that Crunchyroll and Netflix were channels on the Roku Box. I knew I must have it. The ability to be able to watch my favorite anime on a bigger screen than my computer excited me. I absolutely love technology. I may not be addicted to cable television but I am addicted to cables. Internet cables, invisible cables (what I call wireless), computer cables, game system cables, I’m excited to see these around because I know I can have fun with them.

Now that I have my Roku Player connected to my television, I feel this is the happiest I have ever been with a television. To actually have what I want to watch right at my fingertips on my television without paying extremely high costs for cable (that I don’t watch) is unbelievable. I am so grateful for what I have and that I am able to enjoy it. I really couldn’t ask for more. Now I watch my anime on a number of channels on the Roku Player: Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu+, Amazon, Crackle, just to name the top ones. I know that there is a lot of bad anime out there and this gives me the opportunity to explore and find out what I like because I have more content to choose from and it is convenient and affordable. I have options; if I’m not near my television, I can still go to the websites on my phone or computer. Where do you watch your anime?


  1. I grew up in a house with no television, and still don’t have one now. It’s been interesting to observe how most of the functions of a television have gradually become available to me through computers. Nowadays a lot of TV is streamed for free online after broadcast — at least where I live.

    • Seeing as I watch anime, it was never available on television unless you had Cartoon Network and watched Adult Swim. When I was able to watch television, it was always educational; National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, and PBS. Many TV shows are available online now but my excitement comes from being able to watch anime on my television. I prefer watching shows on my television than on my computer. I don’t have as comfortable seating as my couch. 🙂

  2. SuperCold

    I always watch anime on my computer. Not much of a television guy.

    • The anime I can watch on my television, I do. I don’t watch television in general. There is nothing of interest for the most part. I don’t need cable.

  3. TV programming is so constricting…the Internet has so much more freedom to offer. Still…that freedom comes with ~2 TB of anime that’s basically left unwatched due to lack of time and waaaaaaaay too much downloading.

    • Haha. I don’t download anime which sometimes leaves me waiting for it to come out on DVD or someone else getting it on DVD and giving it to me. I’m so thankful for Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon. I can pretty much watch almost everything I want.

      • I’m way too impatient to rely on DVDs and streaming…

  4. I watch all of my shows via streaming from my internet connection (mostly netflix or crunchy roll, but a couple of other sites as well), – or the occasional dvd from netflix. I never did watch much TV and when my marriage failed the one thing I did NOT buy when I moved out was a TV.

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