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Noein…That Multidimensions in the Time-Space Continuum Do Exist!

I know, I know. Christmas is over, right? Right. Well, this post isn’t about Christmas, it’s about the existence of multidimensions! I said that in an echoey voice, it reads better if you do the same. Glancing through my timeline on Twitter, one of my followers tweeted about multi-universes. I did not get involved in the conversation but it reminded me of a show that I don’t hear people talk about or write about often. I guess that is mainly due to many ani-bloggers writing about current shows with the previews, reviews, and first impressions. With my first post on this blog in November 2011, I talked about some of my favorite shows. I failed to mention Noein.

I’m one of those. Yes, one of those who could believe in the possibility of multidimensions and/or multi-universes. It’s intriguing to imagine that on another time plane there is another me but a different me. The “other me” may be the complete opposite of me outwardly but at the root has a common thought pattern. The “other me” may have been raised differently, raised in a war-torn country, raised in a wealthy family, adopted, the possibilities are endless.  What if you met the future you from another dimension that’s warring with another dimension? She/he needs your help. What would you do? I would probably run off screaming into the distance. Ok, maybe not but I’m sure I would be sufficiently freaked out.  Noein:To Your Other Self explores this concept of multi-dimensions and time-spaces. There is a war going on between two dimensions; Shangri-La and La’cryma. By the way, there is nothing harmonious about Shangri-La. It’s a complete misnomer. One thing that captured me about Noein was not just that I enjoyed the show’s exploration of quantum physics and detailed descriptions of time-spaces, but the artwork was very specific. The setting in Noein is Hakodate which is not a fictional city. In fact, the artists of Noein made sure that it looked exactly like the real city of Hakodate. I don’t think many anime series do that. There is romance in the series for those of you who like that type of thing, in fact it plays a big role but not in the annoying way anime is known for showing it, but in a more realistic way. Well, as realistic as you can get in a series about time spaces and multidimensional wars.

And yay, this is my 20th post!


  1. If you like multiverses, you should read The Hidden Reality. It goes over all the different ways the multiverse could be a real thing. I particularly like the idea that any mathematically possibly universe that could exist, does–including many where life never started and even some where the Big Bang never happened.

    • GoodbyeNavi

      Is it by Brian Greene? I’m checking it out on Amazon, doesn’t seem to be any need to read the reviews. It’s very highly rated. Seems like it will have my head spinning like Noein did which is exciting. I wonder if my local library has the book. Thanks for the recommendation.

      • Yeah, Greene is the best science writer out there IMO. I’ve read Michio Kaku’s Parallel Worlds too, which deals with this subject, but I found parts of that I already knew and other parts over my head.

      • GoodbyeNavi

        That can be the issue in reading about multiverses and parallel worlds; you risk information going over your head. This was some of the experience that I had with Noein, I am not a quantum physicist and I wouldn’t say I even have a working knowledge of it. However, I find the concept fascinating enough and leads me to reading more about the subject.

  2. A book I remember reading about this subject was called “Here, There, and Everywhere.” It was about a girl who gets a device that allows her to freely travel into alternate times and realities. Not the best-written book, but the concept was interesting. The premise was everything that can happen does happen, so the idea of the protagonist changing the past or the future turns out to be meaningless because every possible way the past or future can change already exists. I think the story delved into the idea of the girl being able to essentially have her life be exactly how she could wish it to be, but this more or less takes out all meaning in life.

    I remember watching the first ep of Noein once upon a time, and it came off as incredibly bizarre to me. I might give it another try some time though, when I’m in the right mood for it.

    • GoodbyeNavi

      It is bizarre but in a good way. If you like sci-fi with a dash of fatalistic romance, then you should be able to enjoy it. It can get confusing if you’re not paying attention. I just replayed parts that I didn’t understand of if I felt I missed something important. After watching a few episodes, you get the hang of it and it gets less befuddling.

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