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He Broke the Rules!

Girl gives me the creeps!


I have a feeling that Another will come out on top for this Winter 2012. Each episode has left me wanting more! The juxtaposition of some students’ behavior and the circumstances! Teshigawara seems to be overly perky for a class that may be under a curse and people starting to drop like flies. Interestingly enough, so far everyone that has died have all been females. I want to see if that angle will play out. Kouichi broke the rules. I think the biggest rule he broke was to acknowledge  Misaki’s existence. It also seems that anyone he tells or questions about her existence who in turn acknowledges her, they die a horrible death. I haven’t had an anime give me the willies in a long time. Teshigawara lightens up the mood somewhat but for the majority of the episode you have a sense of dread. There are some scenes that can be a bit annoying  such as everyone in the town prolonging telling Kouichi what is going on. An interruption inevitably happens while you wait with bated breath to find out what in the world is going on! Kouichi doesn’t seem to be as perturbed as I would expect someone to be with what is happening around him. That is strange in itself; not to mention we still don’t know why his name disturbed Izumi Akuzawa in the first episode. Obviously, there are so many connections; it’s a matter of figuring out how many there are and what started it all. If the dolls don’t play a  role in this I would be surprised. There is really not much special about the art but it does such a good job expressing gloom with the muted colors of the scenery. This is definitely not your bright and chirpy generic slice of life anime.

I am extremely impressed with this anime so far and horror is not my favorite genre to watch in any form. I have been known to avoid anything that was horror-related. It could be due to so much horror being more overt as in bloody killings rather than that bone-squeezing terror. That terror that comes from the inside, the fear of not knowing what it cold be that will help you to survive. So maybe this anime isn’t there yet but it’s pretty close.  I am actually excited about this show even though I am filled with a constant sense of dread throughout each episode. That dread is always rewarded at the end with a cliffhanger. Four episodes in and I’m hooked. This type of anime is why I started writing this blog. I wanted to be able to want to write about something that could make a day completely brighten up. How does a horror anime liven a day? Watch Another to find out.


  1. Another is pulling off the dark atmosphere very well, in my opinion. It’s the first anime horror series that approaches the genre in this sort of way–with a constant sense of foreboding and ominous mysteries continually building on one another.
    I’m enjoying coming up with theories for this series, regarding the class, Mei, Kouichi, the curse, the events from 26 years ago, and how they all fit together. This fourth episode actually brought in a lot more pieces to the puzzle, with elements such as a similar situation that happened two years ago, the need to explain things carefully to avoid catastrophe, and the fact the curse can affect not just the students in class 3–but also their relatives. I’m very excited for the next episode.

    • I really like how the curse doesn’t affect just the students. That makes it even more dangerous. I wonder that they don’t mention it affecting the teacher; is the teacher and his/her relatives immune? The fourth episode gave us just enough information to make us even more intrigued. Their approach to this anime is exactly how I feel this genre is supposed to work.

  2. From the day I saw that Another is going to come out in the Winer Season of 2012 I knew that it would be my personal favourite. Now the time has come when things get more interesting 🙂

    • GoodbyeNavi

      Yes, it is definitely getting exciting. I have been looking forward to each episode.

  3. The cliffhangers! They keep drawing me in! They’re so enticing! Sigh…I like this show too much

    • Haha. Nothing wrong with liking this show too much, so do I!

  4. Kat

    It’s definitely my favorite series of this season thus far…although I’m predisposed to that opinion as I am a horror-lover.

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