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Monthly Archives: February, 2012

Facial Expressions in Anime – Leap Year Post!

Seeing as this day only comes once every four years, I figured I might as well make my 30th post (woot!) on the elusive 29th day of February. So this will be a pretty silly post because leap years are just a wee bit silly. I have a few favorite facial expressions that always make …

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Like A Lady – Females in Anime Blogging

I have not watched anime in a few days due to life getting extremely busy; I feel like I’m going through withdrawal. So I’m going to take a breather, have some tea, and write about ladies in anime blogging. I know they exist, I read a couple of their blogs, and I’m one if you …

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Anime Blogging – Does it encourage your hobby?

I am new to the world of anime blogging. I have watched anime for 10 years as a hobby. Late last year I decided to start blogging about what I watched and what I felt about it. This was mainly due to not having any friends that are interested in anime so they are not …

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Despite all My Rage

If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m a Gintama fan. It isthe¬†only long-running series that I have watched consistently. I was actually disappointed when we thought the season was over and thrilled when it picked back up. I love comedy and even if I don’t always get their comedy, I still watch it. There …

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Happy Valent…oh, it’s over?

Now that the day of Bleeding Hearts is out of the way which I hope you all enjoyed; it’s time for me to remind you all that The Borrower Arrietty will be coming to U.S. theaters tomorrow! That is, February 17th. So get your $20 ready to watch another lovely Studio Ghibli movie. Ok, I’m …

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