Exploring the World of Anime

Double Dutch

So I found something new today in my exploration of not only anime but Japan. I knew that Japan had a loving relationship with hip-hop but I didn’t know that they had Double Dutch competitions. You may be thinking, “Why the interest?”. I like Double Dutch, always have but didn’t realize that it had spread outside of the United States. Double Dutch takes great athleticism, precision, and skill. I can only imagine how many times people have gotten tangled in the ropes or fallen on their faces with all the flips they do with ropes turning.  In December 2011, a Japanese team, “Black Pierrot” won a Double Dutch competition that took place at the Apollo Theater in New York City. From what I have seen of the Japanese Double Dutch competitors, they have taken it to another level. You can’t help but love Japan.





  1. SuperCold

    Haven’t heard of this type of dancing. Looks interesting! I remember when all of the girls used to do this in the schoolyard.

    • GoodbyeNavi

      It’s not dancing; well it is sorta. It’s the olympics of jumprope! Heh.

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