Exploring the World of Anime

Despite all My Rage

Die, scum!

Never give up! Never surrender!

If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m a Gintama fan. It isthe only long-running series that I have watched consistently. I was actually disappointed when we thought the season was over and thrilled when it picked back up. I love comedy and even if I don’t always get their comedy, I still watch it. There are episodes that I could have done without and could tell the writers had nothing else to do and no ideas but out of 200+ episodes, I would say this only happened about 10 times; maybe less. I want to talk about the most recent episode and how it made me feel. Gintama seems to have a knack for moving me emotionally even though it is a comedy. This episode wasn’t pure comedy and some of their episodes aren’t, they just have comedic elements but for me that is part of the show’s appeal.

To avoid spoiling the show for those who have not seen the episode yet, I will do my best not to reveal too much. This episode is a part of an ongoing arc and is the third episode of this particular arc. It was not the final episode and it left me hanging in the end! There is a battle going on between two police forces; the Shinsegumi and the Mimawarigumi. The Mimawarigumi are an “elite” police force while the Shinsegumi are a bit rough around the edges.  Hijikata is currently battling the leader of the Mimawarigumi who appears intent upon destroying the Shinsegumi and his illegitimate little brother. What struck me deeply about this episode is the willingness of Hijikata to sacrifice his life for someone he barely knew but had been training. Hijikata, quite frankly, was getting his behind handed to him by the leader. This is surprising because he is a hardcore fighter. Give up when all hope is lost? Never. “It looks like you’re the type that keeps coming back until you’ve drawn your last breath.”

That is an important lesson I think for many people. In the face of adversity, people tend to take the easy route or simply give up. I have learned that to survive in this world, if I want something, I have to push forward. Regrets are not something I like living with and admittedly I have them. There are usually other options when a situation appears hard and a problem seems unsolvable. If you just lay down and take it, you’re no longer living. Keep fighting and fight hard. Failure is not an option. Keep in mind that when I speak of fighting, I don’t mean with your fists. You can fight with love, with words, with actions. You may get things wrong, it may not always work out the way you want it to, but the war is not over. Losing battles is not the same as losing a war. I didn’t use to understand what that meant when I was younger but I do now. I refuse to lay down and die because I was beaten by a situation. I choose to stand back up to fight harder. I will be that thorn in a problem’s side.


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