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Monthly Archives: March, 2012

Three Cheers for Another!!!

After a very enjoyable break, I’m back in the blogosphere. Of course, being away from technology, I have tons to catch up on but I chose to watch my favorites first; Mirai Nikki, Another, and Gintama. I’m really hoping Gintama is not ending for real this time, they have been known to play tricks on …

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Stay out of Trouble

So I’m off to get in a bit of trouble but that doesn’t mean you guys should misbehave. I look forward to having internet access again in about a week or so. Once I’m back, I can comment on blogs, refute theories, laugh at hilarious anime, cringe at bad animation, and otherwise waste time when …

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Being Different – Elfin Lied

I just finished watching Elfin Lied for the first time. I had been avoiding it for a while, then I forgot the reason why I had an aversion for it and finally watched it. I’m still not sure why I hadn’t watched it. I didn’t read any reviews right before I watched it and I’m …

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What is it about fanservice that I don’t like?  I’ve been contemplating this for a while. I decided to blog about it after watching an episode of Ano Natsu Matteru. Why does it annoy me?  Do I truly dislike it or is it just overload?  It could also be I haven’t found my type of …

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There’s No Sound In Space – Deleted Post

It is with some sadness that I must state this post is gone. It was accidentally trashed and deleted. I am quite disappointed as I put a lot in that post and I got a lot of good recommendations for scifi series/movies and books. I no longer have access to those comments.  I put a …

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