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There’s No Sound In Space – Deleted Post

It is with some sadness that I must state this post is gone. It was accidentally trashed and deleted. I am quite disappointed as I put a lot in that post and I got a lot of good recommendations for scifi series/movies and books. I no longer have access to those comments.  I put a lot of heart in that post but I guess that’s one of the hazards of blogging! At least I have a good memory of it, just not the recommendations. I wish I could rewrite it word for word but alas, I don’t remember every word. The short of it was that it was about The Resurrection by Arwen Elys Dayton and Bodacious Space Pirates. Anyone else done anything silly like that? Delete a post you were proud of?

My face once I realized what happened.

Update: Thanks to Angry Jellyfish, I have the cached version of it! It doesn’t have all the comments and some of the responses I left other people but that’s ok.

There is No Sound in Space

And just in case that doesn’t work; here is the text in it’s entirety.

Lately I have been thinking more about space; galaxies, universes, stars, moons, planets, this infinite beyond where I have no physical access. There are few ways that I am able to get a taste of space; through visual media and literature (fiction and/or non-fiction). In college, I took astronomy because I was so intrigued by it. I wanted to see the stars, I wanted to know how far away everything was, I wanted to know if we were alone. Wanted; is past tense, I want to know. So I satisfy myself with anime which tends to love space. That is a boon for me. I loved Cowboy Bebop and would appreciate a modern show in that same realm. This past month I have been reading a book that deals with space travel, Resurrection, and watching an anime that deals with…dun dun dunnnn, Bodacious Space Pirates! For some reason, that really cracks me up. The title makes me think of 70′s B movies.

Resurrection and Bodacious Space Pirates (Mouretsu Pirates) have nothing in common besides space travel. In fact, Resurrection by Arwen Elys Dayton focuses less on space travel than it does on a race against time. A space race, no less, and it incorporates the belief that certain elements of Ancient Egypt were built by aliens who shockingly enough are just more technologically advanced humans than the ones on Earth. Mouretsu Pirates have technologically advanced humans who don’t live on Earth because humans like to destroy our planets (that’s the story).

Hi, I’m an Alien but I look just like you!

In Resurrection, the main character is Pruit and her race, the Kinley are facing utter destruction by a neighboring race who actually do look like what one would expect of an alien. Pruit must fight her way across space to make it to Earth to find an ancient technology that her race used to get there thousands of years before. This piece of technology is supposed to save the Kinley from being destroyed by their enemies. This book reads like a coming of age story with a lot of jumping back and forth between time periods. That got a little exhausting after a while but the story still warranted 3.5 stars. It’s not as frivolous as Bodacious Space Pirates but it is an easy read. If you have any interest in Ancient Egypt and space travel, it will be an enjoyable read. I tried to think of any anime series that I have seen that followed a similar story line but one did not readily appear in my mind.

Now Bodacious Space Pirates is not keeping my attention in any way. I wouldn’t say it’s the worst show this season because I haven’t watched all the shows but it’s definitely not my favorite. It has a cool premise, girl finds out her father was a head honcho pirate and after his death as his direct descendant she takes his place (if she wants to). The first couple of episodes, there is no space piracy, just the possibility that this show may be fun. It’s not. It’s full of moe which I know is a huge thing for a lot of fans but no substance. It’s completely shallow and each episode has made me roll my eyes in annoyance. I’m sure there are many who can come up with descriptive metaphors for this show but lacking metaphors, I will leave it at the show is boring. The characters I am actually interested in don’t get as much screen time such as Marika’s mother. I wanted space pirates! I wanted to see galaxies, planets, explosions, and fighting, not giggling teenagers.

Oh, looky me hair!

I know it’s not supposed to be an intellectual epic space story but I really would like that. You hear that, anime creators, more space stories! Step outside your generic formula but hey, at least Bodacious Space Pirates has a tsundere character (shocker). And what’s bodacious about them?

Can anyone recommend a good space anime? What are your favorites; that is if you watch anime dealing with space? It doesn’t matter if mechas are involved, I can deal with mechas.


  1. Here you go, hope this works:

    I’m constantly worried that I’ll end up trashing a post, or accidentally publishing something unfinished instead of saving it as a draft. 😛 I haven’t actually done either, thankfully!

    • Thank you so much! It worked. Nothing is ever dead on the internet.

  2. Oh, that poor Alice pic. T.T

    I’m always sad too when I lose anything that I’ve been writing, even if it’s just a couple paragraphs. XP This makes me wonder though if I should be doing something to save all my blog posts in some way… Like, what if WordPress Headquarters explodes one day, and everything is gone forever? >_>

    • LOL. I hadn’t thought in those extremes! Maybe export them in a XML file?

  3. Sorry to hear that. I haven’t done that yet, but I can imagine how painful it must feel to accidentally delete a post you worked on so long.
    As for sci-fi recommendations, I recommend Please Save My Earth Not the OVA as it’s too short and doesn’t make much sense, but the manga. I’m currently making my way through it and it’s amazing. It’s not your usual sci-fi story though. There is a lot of drama and a focus on a certain relationship. Still if you like shoujo and sci-fi, it’s the perfect mix of both. :3
    The Akira manga is also really good. Haven’t even watched the anime, but from what I hear, it stops halfway through the story (being a movie I’m not surprised, Akira has a lot of content).

    No anime recommendations, sorry. I haven’t watched any sci-fi anime. u___u

    • I saw your blog post about Please Save My Earth and had planned on reading it because it looked sci-fi. Glad I was right. I’ll check out the manga, not the OVA. I don’t read manga often because I never know where to start. I usually end up reading the manga of an anime that I really enjoyed.

  4. That stinks!

    I usually draft my blog posts in Google Docs and then paste them into WordPress once they’re closer to being done, so I guess I’m somewhat protected.

    • That’s smart. Well, since Google stalks your every move, there is a web cache version of it that was found for me. So all isn’t lost.

  5. I’m glad you were able to recover most of it!

    Luckily, I haven’t deleted a post that I’ve finished and published. But I have lost almost-done posts many times in the past – most recently, with my “Fruits of the Spirit” post about Princess Mononoke. It becomes particularly frustrating when I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting such a post.

    Like you said – the hazards of blogging!

    • I accidentally deleted it because I imported all my Tumblr posts on here then had buyer’s remorse. So I had to delete 1000+ posts and that post got caught in the crossfire. 😦 But all was not lost! I’m going to use Milo’s strategy and post in Google Docs first.

      • I was wondering what was happening…I went to bed with about 20 posts to read in my RSS reader and woke up with over 1000!

  6. I loved both Super Dimensional Fortress Macross and Macross Frontier, if you can stand mecha fights; as well as both Galaxy Railways seasons (space-traveling trains with lasers? what more could one ask for!), so you could check those out as well.

    I’ll be going through (eventually) most of the series i’ve seen in review in my blog, so stay tuned!

    • Haha. I can definitely deal with mecha fights! I find the concepts of mechas very cool.

      • In that case, you might also like Heroic Age, Glass Fleet, but most of all, Voices of a Distant Star. It is AMAZING >.<

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