Exploring the World of Anime

Stay out of Trouble

So I’m off to get in a bit of trouble but that doesn’t mean you guys should misbehave. I look forward to having internet access again in about a week or so. Once I’m back, I can comment on blogs, refute theories, laugh at hilarious anime, cringe at bad animation, and otherwise waste time when I should be productive. I probably won’t even miss watching anime, blasphemy, I know. I’m pretty sure what I will be doing will be just as fun if not more enjoyable.

I’m going to stop writing now or I’ll just start babbling on and on. Or gushing over something that probably wouldn’t amuse you. Toodles!



  1. SuperCold

    Go crazy! 😀

  2. Kai

    I guess I will see you soon 😀

  3. ajester

    Have a good time on your break.

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