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Three Cheers for Another!!!

After a very enjoyable break, I’m back in the blogosphere. Of course, being away from technology, I have tons to catch up on but I chose to watch my favorites first; Mirai Nikki, Another, and Gintama. I’m really hoping Gintama is not ending for real this time, they have been known to play tricks on us. I know I generally don’t watch long-running series but I loved this one. There has not been a showdown yet between Gintoki and his former comrade (whose name eludes me right now) but he was pretty badass. We still don’t know much about Gintoki’s past besides he used to be this awesome samurai. I will save that rant for another post! On to business!

I just completed Another and it was as enjoyable as I expected it to be. I was accurate in my prediction so I wasn’t surprised at all. It went exactly as I thought but I wasn’t disappointed. Sometimes when watching anime or reading novels, I can become disenchanted if I predict everything. Strangely enough, I wasn’t too bothered about figuring out halfway on what was going on. The story was engaging, the characters, although one-dimensional were likable enough. The main character, Kouchi, did seem to come off a bit like a lunkhead but you can’t blame the guy when he is walking around blindly in a town/school where no one will give him full answers (*cough* Mei *cough*). This is one of the gorier shows of the season and there was much mystery and drama involved. If you’re into romance, there isn’t much there but there does seem to be an underlying attraction between Kouchi and Mei. But with so much violence and death happening, it cannot blossom. I’m glad that it didn’t because a romantic aspect would have been an unwanted distraction.

There are definitely some creepy aspects to the show especially regarding family relations but since this will be a spoiler-free post, if you haven’t watched it, go do so. You won’t regret it. Now my comments section doesn’t have to be spoiler-free so if you have seen the show, what did you think of it? Would you recommend it to a friend? I plan on recommending it even though it is a pretty dark show. It has it’s light moments which I felt the writers of the show were smart to include. Without some sunshine, this show would have been completely gloomy. The dark undertones, the shadowing, the music, everything screamed “SCAAAARY!” But no, it wasn’t really that scary. Or was it?




  1. Yay, somebody else who liked the series! I’m about the only person on TSR who did, and while I’m enjoying discussing the series/final episode with others in the forum, I feel horribly outnumbered. 😛

    Most of those I’ve spoken to disliked the flash back in which the dead person was finally revealed… it was a little confusing, admittedly, took me a minute to realize the scene had been omitted earlier in the series and I wasn’t just forgetting something. 😛 But once the penny dropped I thought it was clever. I didn’t predict the identity of the dead person correctly, and again haven’t come across anyone else who did, so well done! 🙂 It seems everyone else I’ve spoken to up until now thought it was a cop out/cheat of an ending, as though made up at the last minute. 😕 Can’t agree with that at all; the clues were there from the start, we just failed to add them up or realize their importance.

    • Don’t feel outnumbered! Maybe I should join that forum and back you up some. I kept saying who the dead person was but no one believed me. I even pointed out all the clues which they included in the flashback! It was sweet! It was extremely clever but it was so obvious! The dead person got extremely frustrated every time he asked about the calamity. They dropped hints left and right, pretty much every scene the dead person was in or mentioned. I think a lot of people are upset they were wrong. 🙂

  2. While I didn’t watch Another past the first few episodes (I hated Blood C too much to subject myself to another thing by the same director,) I do welcome you back from your brief respite.

    • While I haven’t watched Blood C, I followed a couple of blogs about it and I don’t think the ending comparison is as close as it might seem. The body count in Another is high, but not ridiculous, and it has it’s own internal logic, even if I didn’t entirely care for it myself (I was just expecting something else, so it’s my own fault).

      • Yeah, most of the blogs I’ve read that cover Another tend to agree that it was pretty decent, if not the best thing ever and that the story made sense. It’s always hard to like something as much when your expectation for it was different, even if it is not bad I think.

    • Thanks for welcoming me back! I have not watched Blood C so I didn’t have that comparison. I was looking for something different this season and was happy to be given a show that didn’t overwhelm me with fanservice and outright silliness. And I don’t mean the good silliness like Nichijou.

      • that’s totally cool, and you are lucky if you have not watched blood c it was a mess. I watch all sorts of things myself, not all of them are that good but I understand liking to have variety.

  3. Kai

    I would totally recommend it too, some of my friends like gore and bloody anime like these, lol. Another is creepy too of cause, but it just takes a little getting used to 😀 It’s not really THAT scary anyway.

    • It was more creepy than scary. It had that sense of foreboding the whole show until the episode when the crap hit the fan. Haha!

  4. But no, it wasn’t really that scary. Or was it?

    (grin) “scary” is all relative. I don’t usually like horror shows and find little to like about slasher flicks, but the last time something on film actually scared me I was about 9 (which was, oh, more than a few years ago I’ll admit). Disturbing (Silence of the Lambs), repulsive (Holloween), unsettling (Cujo) but not scary. On the other hand, I’ve known a couple of people who freaked from things I thought were simply amusing.
    For the most part, I liked Another. I found the mystery engaging, and in the end that the ‘curse’ was never resolved and certainly only dealt with for that year made it satisfying – life rarely has neat endings. I never got engaged with any of the characters that much, though much of that might have been because of my normal approach to these types of shows that causes me to automatically label everybody as simply another victim in waiting, but still a few of the characters could have been a little more interesting.
    Reiko was on my short list of suspects from about episode 4 or 5, and she jumped to number one after Mei convinced me it was neither she nor Kouichi in episode 10. I found it interesting so many people thought she had been killed when that one guy whacked her with a mop, but I was thinking “yea, she’s It” 🙂
    Still, episode 12 disappointed me. I just don’t like slasher flicks, which is what it turned into. Sure, it may have made some internal sense, and half expected it, but I was hoping for a different style ending than things like the chandelier falling on a group of four at once, or Kouichi, who has a lung condition, being able to wander around a burning building without apparent discomfort. Still, it was worth watching.

    • Yes, Silence of the Lambs was quite disturbing. Anthony Hopkins was way too believable. Would agree with your assessment of Halloween. I have never watched Cujo and probably won’t. Freddy Krueger scared me silly as a kid. He could get you in your sleep? OH NO!

      Yeah, the characters weren’t really engaging. No point getting attached when you knew they would be wiped out. I figured Mei and Kouichi would make it but I still didn’t really care about them. You’re right in that some characters could have been more interesting. Kouichi was bland to be the main character. I know many loved Mei but I thought she was pretty lackluster in the personality department as well. I think Kouichi liked her little “mysterious vibe” that she had going.

      ” or Kouichi, who has a lung condition, being able to wander around a burning building without apparent discomfort.”

      Good point. He only collapsed towards the end but he should have at least been coughing and wheezing to make it more believable. And did they just forget about the guy in the car having the asthma attack? What made the librarian come back with a kid close to dying in his car?

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