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J-List Giveaway!!!

I never thought I would actually be doing a giveaway but here goes! It’s more of a J-List credit giveaway. I’ve got store credit with J-List that I won’t be using but I don’t want it to go to waste. There are actually two codes that I will be giving away. One code is worth $54.10 and the other code is worth $15.00. That means there will be two winners! It will be a random drawing with the first name being pulled getting the higher credit and the second name getting the smaller one.

If you are interested, please post what you would buy with your credit and why you want the particular item or items. Although the drawing will be random, you will have the opportunity to up the number of slips your name goes on based off the creativity of your response. The names will go in a hat and I will enlist my boyfriend to actually pull the names. You do not have to be subscriber to the blog to win but you do have to be an anime/manga blogger. If you do not have an anime/manga blog and you are not a follower/subscriber to this blog, you will be automatically disqualified. Please provide a link to your blog. Those who are subscribers but not anime/manga bloggers do not have to worry about that rule. Make sure you provide the email address you want me to send the credit to in your post (only provide it if it is not the email address associated with your account). The winner will be announced a week from today. Feel free to tell your friends! Please pay attention to the rules! Good luck!



  1. Here goes.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t buy -all- the YAOIs with a 50$ credit but I could buy some YAOI games that I’ve been itching to try out. It would be a toss up between the notorious Enzai (prison rape, french revolution intrigue and nightmare inducing story endings) and Absolute Obedience. That one seems like it’s more believable concerning it’s ‘all characters depicted are over 18’ rating.

    Maybe I’d round out the order with B’s Log magazine or Black Black gum because their spokesman Golgo 13 is a quotable master of subtlety. (…) But I’d probably cave and get some Natsume in a can.

    …I mean canned bread with Natsume on it.


  2. sheentaku

    If i won the $54 dollar certificate i would order this Saber figma
    and some hi chew

    WHY? Because There is a holy grail war currently on my desk, to win THE HI CHEW!
    7 figures are in this battle, Lancer, Archer, Caster, Berserker, Rider and Assasian.
    But figure Saber has not been summoned! the holy grail war for the hi chew will be delayed if she does not make it quickly

    For the $15 dollar I would order
    At night I need protection… This Megumi magazine posters would allow me to have eyes watching me for protection!

    • I don’t believe you are a subscriber and there is no link to your blog. Because your response was funny, I will give you another chance. Please reread the rules. 🙂

  3. sheentaku For the 15 Dollars certificate i would order this megumi poster magazine.
    Why? To have cute anime girls watch me sleeping at night for protection! If my mortal enemy came to attack me they would protect me!

    For the 54 dollars i would go with this Saber figma.
    The holy grail war is starting on my desk.. Saber needs to be summoned to protect my desk from the evil which is food wrappers. Only saber can save me from this mess!


  4. After a long day, Naru decides to check on her following blogs list to see if the authors she follows have released new content concerning this year’s spring anime. While strolling down she finds Black Strawberry’s new post: A J-List Giveaway post.

    Naru hesitates at first, since she has built a loser reputation over the years and always had the knack of being unlucky in giveaways such as the one mentioned by Goodbye Navi, but she shrugs before clicking the list, reassuring herself that it’s never bad to try it out.

    Reading the post, two objects from J-list come into mind regarding the 54 dollar credits and the 10 dollar credits: A Totoro towek box set (, which would be great addition to her nature inspired bathroom and also for her bizarre collection of anime objects that she uses in everyday life. 
    But anything can happen. There were chances she would win the 10 dollar credit instead of the 54 dollar one. However, that didn’t bother her — a dating sim game wouldn’t be so bad to have ( would it? Naru has recently entered the fandom concerning Dating Sim games and the character on the box was the character of an anime she had viewed long ago. Staring up at her clock while writing this sentence, she realizes it’s long past a certain hour and decides to stop writing this comment that has somehow turned into a small story. Possibly because she has once again forgotten to update her fanfiction.

  5. Glorious online credits for Japanese products! This is precisely what I need. You see, I have problems. For example, let’s say I have good friends who are really nice to me. Should I kill them? I think so, but the thing is–I don’t know *how* I should kill them. And that’s where this comes in:
    The Higurashi visual novels. OMOCHIKAERI!!! When I need help, I usually turn to horror anime and manga, and from what I understand Higurashi is a brand 4% of doctors recommend, and we all know they are in fact MONSTERS hoping to experiment on us the second we get a simple cold, or a little fever, or the mere desire to kill all the people we associate with. So yes, Higurashi… Should I use a meat cleaver, poison, lethal injections, or a baseball bat? I need a $15 gift code in order to knoooooooow.
    For most of my other life’s questions, I turn to Nichijou.
    If I am to receive the lovingly specific $54.10, I would most certainly include a few volumes of the world-renowned manga Nichijou. This will not only help me learn a little more Japanese (the language spoken in over twenty-eight countries, if you count the twenty-seven I made up in my head). The Nichijou anime has helped me learn what functions to incorporate into my robots (eg cake rolls), what to buy at the grocery store (eg a snowman), how to successfully perform a high jump (ie the flish flop), what to do if the coffee vending machine releases the cup upside-down (ie observe and become inspired–nay, enlightened–as the beverage is poured over the bottom of the cup), and what to do if you have feelings for a cute boy in your class (you fire guns, bazookas, and explosives at him, DUH!!!). So if I turn to the original manga for this series, I will surely learn many, many more things. Or perhaps just the same things all over again. I’ve pretty much forgotten *everything* already anyways. Repetition is the mother of knowledge, as they say! Repetition is the mother of knowledge, as they say!

    • Oh, and I’m a subscriber (and have an anime blog–just click my name for it).

      • I know I said post your email address but I realized that they may be private info that you don’t want everyone to know so I deleted your email address from your post. It matches your email associated with your account so you’re ok!

  6. Yay a giveaway, I hope I win, I have never won a giveaway before 🙂
    I think the 54.10$ credit is ment for me. I really want to pre-order this Tsubasa Hanekawa Figma that doesn’t come out until august. It is exactly 55$…90cents for a figma would be awesome.

    With the 15$ dollars i would buy lots of candy that I have never had before… maybe some of these…

    my anime blog ->

  7. for le 54 dollar one, prolly a Rilakuma plushie ( to cutify my soon to be new room or a pack of Moekana ( because those things are extremely cute and I really do need to brush up on my Hiragana, or a Sena Petanko ( because Petanko’s are really rare here and Sena is so cute with her little butterfly hair thingy.
    for ze 15, I’d get this cute little cat head ( because it’s cute >w<

  8. JList has a lot of wonderful stuff, and I’d be tempted to get myself a bento box, chopsticks, or something else food-related. But if I received either gift card, I’d almost certainly get something Totoro-related for my kids. I’ve always wanted to get them a stuffed Totoro, and that would be a possibility, along with others including an alarm clock, blanket, pillow, music box, and figurine.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Here’s my blog:

    As for what to buy, hm:

    with the $15.00, i’d prolly go with these salt/pepper shakers:
    can’t get much classier than the good’ole mushrooms.

    and $55.00, wow….I have a couple bucks myself, so i’d most likely add that to the giftcard and get this yukata:

    >< i've always wanted one.

    my e-mail is:

    Thanks! 😀

    • Oh, wow, those shakers are awesome! Good luck!

  10. kendermouse

    If I get the big code, I’ll either pay for most of a plush figure, (like the larger Jiji plush,) or get the Evangelion artbook for my husband. And if I get the smaller one, I’ll probably get some pocky.

  11. kakashi

    I would buy a lot of candy. Tin drops are delicious. Especially the pocky sticks. I think it’ll go to some eroge >_>

  12. Many things are a mystery, In Jlist some are a mystery to me, but I would not buy normally, but if i could chose, Onahole is something magic for a far away land, the same for shimapan….Yeah I would do that.
    I’m not a crazy pervert, is just research…is what I say to myself every night.
    Nice Giveaway by the way.

    • Ummm…lol. Ok, research, right. Good luck!

  13. hmm, let’s see… Probably would use towards that Megurine Luka PVC coming out. or the BRS figma TV animation version

    Those are among the few things I’ve been hooked on as of late.
    Nice offer btw, very generous of you.

  14. hmm, let’s see… Probably would use towards that Megurine Luka PVC coming out. or the BRS figma TV animation version

    Those are among the few things I’ve been hooked on as of late.
    Nice offer btw, very generous of you.
    (hope i didn’t spam this btw, not sure if last one went through or not… :P)

  15. cokelush

    What a generous offer! I’m not creative here but I’d get Bento goodies for my granddaughter who is a very picky eater. I’ve been introducing her to anime slowly. So far she loves HKitty and Totoro. It’s a start – she’s only 4. 🙂

    I don’t have an Anime blog but I’m a subscriber to yours. My addy is cokelush at gmail – it’s not really private so no worries.
    Thanks and good luck everyone!

    • Thanks for being a subscriber and good luck! It’s cool that you are introducing your granddaughter to anime. Start them young!


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