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Rooftop Prince

Why am I watching this? This isn’t anime! As some of you know, dear readers, I will stray from my anime fandom and watch a K-drama. Ok, granted, I’ve only watched one in full, dabbled in a couple of others. I blame Crunchyroll for introducing me to K-dramas. They knew I would click on it eventually. They knew! Alas, they are not to blame for me watching Rooftop Prince. That is all my fault for exploring Viki, a site that legitimately fansubs shows. Should I be embarrassed as a self-professed anime fan for watching K-dramas? Does that take away my authenticity of being an anime-fan? You know, I’ve heard there is a certain criteria to be an anime fan.

If there is such a criteria, I probably don’t meet it. But I do meet the criteria of someone who loves to be amused and Rooftop Prince is highly entertaining. It’s funny that I can like a K-drama but won’t watch an American soap opera. They’re very similar with the over-dramatized acting, the scheming characters, the plot twists, the beautiful women and the handsome men. There is something special about Rooftop Prince. It is absolutely ridiculous! I wish I could think of an anime that is similar to it for those who don’t watch K-dramas to get an idea of its absurdity.

A Crown Prince is transported 300 years in the future after his wife’s untimely death (murder). He then encounters women who are reincarnations of his dead wife and her sister. He also assumes or decides to assume he was brought back to take the place of another character, Tae-Yong, who was murdered by his cousin. That little description barely touches everything else. Then you have Bak-Ha who ended up in the USA after her stepsister abandoned her in a truck that had an unfortunate accident. Loads of things don’t make sense or add up in the show such as why the Crown Prince won’t just look in the history books to find out what happened after he transported to the future. Another is that Bak-Ha doesn’t seem to know Korean history regarding the Crown Prince. One would think a Crown Prince disappearing, a Crown Princess being murdered would have been notable enough for the history books. Keep in mind, I haven’t gotten past the halfway mark so who knows, this may all be revealed! I just can’t figure out why I like this show when it is so unbelievably preposterous. I have found myself laughing so hard at the screen, not just because of its daffiness but because its actually quite funny for a drama.

Apparently one of the stars is Micky Yoochun who is the member of JYJ, a Korean boy band, I have never heard of but has a lot of the female fans squealing. This guy makes the ladies scream. I don’t know if part of my interest has to do with reading the comments from the fans every time he does anything that appears remotely sweet. Personally, I like my men a bit bigger, more hair on the face, you know, a bear. GRRRR! But I could see him having a certain appeal. I feel like such a tween watching this show. This can’t be a show a mature, young lady should be watching. I should be doing grown-up things such as posting about Sakamichi no Apollon and  Uchu Kyodai. Don’t worry, I will probably blog about that but right now you all get to hear me talk about one of my secret pleasures.  And maybe I fantasize about eating the meals they seem to be always having in K-dramas. In fact, characters in anime and K-dramas always seem to be eating delicious food. What is up with that? I shall continue to watch Rooftop Prince to find out what other shenanigans the characters are going to get into, who else is going to die, see more fantastical plot twists (Who thinks of these things?), and check out their fashions.

I assure you, I haven’t crossed over to the dark side…yet.










  1. SuperCold

    wow it sounds really weird haha. I have never in my life watched a K or J Drama. I have watched some clips here and there and I really can’t take these kinds of shows serious. But hey that is just me.
    And who says that you only have to watch anime to be an actual anime fan? That is a really absurd and twisted logic. You may watch whatever you want from any part of the world. As long as you enjoy watching it, go for it.

    I really enjoy reading your reviews and random posts. You write so well and you always keep me interested 🙂

    Will follow you more intensively from now on!

    • It is very weird but its really funny. The antics of the characters are so unbelievable. Don’t start watching K-Dramas, you’ll get sucked in! I’m glad you enjoy reading my reviews (which I really don’t consider reviews, just my ramblings). I’m happy my randomness doesn’t turn you way from the blog.

  2. Errant Princess

    I think you are on to something with the delicious food thing. I am always so jealous of the characters in a K Drama or sometimes even an anime, for getting to eat such great dishes. It seems unfair that the heroine not only gets to fall in love with a ridiculously attractive man, but also get to dine like a star.

    • I still don’t want to eat kimchi, though. Haha. The heroine usually has to put up with a lot though to get all of the good things. Backstabbing, heartbreak, fights, you name it, it happens to them.

  3. I see nothing wrong with forraying into the world of K-dramas and J-dramas. I’ve watched my fair share and enjoyed quite a few. Besides a good number of them are adaptations of anime/manga. Unfortunately the live action versions are rarely as good, or perhaps i’m just partial to the animes.

    • I’m partial to anime myself which is why I have only watched a few K-dramas. Not to mention, one episode is always incredibly long and I don’t like sitting still for hours at a time. However, this particular show is full of mystery (for no reason), and is highly comedic. I find myself cracking up.

  4. Kai

    J-dramas or K-dramas (more of the former) are what I really want to watch more, if I have more time to myself, it’s good that you’re watching more of k-drama^^ The plot is so awfully similar though..

    • Yes. The plot is similar, the behavior of the characters is similar, the music is similar, but I still watch it! In fact, I could predict things that were going to happen but I’m still enjoying it. I don’t understand!

  5. I’ve watched a few J-dramas myself. I wish I could watch more, but not enough time. D: I know quite a few anime fans that watch asian dramas as well, so nothing strange to me (especially if said dramas are based on a manga or anime). I’ll definitely put this on my list of stuff to see when I have more time as it sounds really funny~

    • The show can get downright stupid. There are many comedic moments but a lot of times I have laughed because of how unrealistic things are. For example, in one scene it looks like they forgot to edit out a mat. Items miraculously move from one place to another. Characters are walking in the rain but don’t get wet. Oh, man.

  6. Errant Princess

    The soap opera heartbreaks draws you in and repulses you at the same time with how cheesy it all is. I found Coffee Prince to be the same way, funny but stupid. I guess you just have to take the good with the bad with some dramas.

    • Definitely. I just feel so silly enjoying the show so much when it is absurd. I don’t watch American soap operas at all but can watch a K-drama and get angry at the characters!

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