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Final Thoughts Trumpet Not So Loudly

It seems this season of anime went by quickly. There were surprises and some disappointment but not as much dismay as I was expecting. I tell you one thing, though Sakamichi no Apollon dragged in some episodes (notably episode 9 and 10), I could not stop smiling at the finale. It amazes me that there are bloggers who have the ability to put their emotions in witty and catchy words and can evoke their emotions on the reader. I am aware that I don’t have that talent as I struggle to explain why the last episode of SnA was so enjoyable for me. It might be because I was in a pretty good mood even with it being 103° F outside. It could be that I was pleased with the outcome of Sentaro’s life (my favorite character of the show) and it was a perfect match for him. And I finally listened to the opening song and read the lyrics. The song that I thought didn’t match well with the show proved that it did. It all clicked with me and I became near tears at the sheer beauty of it. SnA is no masterpiece and if I were ever to watch it again, there are some episodes I would skip as they added little value to me. I don’t think they could have chosen a better ending. It was realistic for the most part especially when you think of the direction high school friendships go after graduation. We got some idea what happened with Junichi and Yurika, though I don’t feel they really played an integral part to the story besides to add some unnecessary drama. I wasn’t particularly attached to the characters  and the little glimpse we got of Junichi’s life and their “romane” was inconsequential.  Granted, I did enjoy Junichi and Sentaro’s musical showdown. I found the musical components of the show to be the best part of the show. It felt to me that some elements of the show were thrown in haphazardly without fully fleshing things out such as Kaoru meeting his mother after so long, his father being away for a substantial period of time, Kaoru’s relationship with his aunt and niece. Not one episode was memorable for me so thankfully the last episode was as enchanting as it was or this show might have been a complete wash for me. I know I’m in the minority but I had higher expectations. I thought I would be gushing every episode about how wonderful it was; not left with mixed feelings. What are your thoughts on this show?

Tsuritama. This show always left me scratching my head. I was always slightly confused as to what was going on; but in a “this is hilariously stupid but cute”. At first I wasn’t sure if the show was trying to go in a yaoi direction or just exploring the building friendship of three guys and a flamboyant male alien. Then it really didn’t matter because I wanted Yuki to find friends and climb out of his shell. I wanted to be spared his freak out face and complete meltdown when he was suffering from an anxiety attack. It was apparent that Yuki suffered from Panic Disorder and showed signs of Depression but with the help of his new friends; particularly Haru, he was able to work through his issues. He no longer felt alone, he worried less about his grandmother’s health, and he saved the world! There did appear to be a theme with many anime series this season and it was guy pals. The highlighting of the importance of having good friends appeared prevalent this season. It seems shallow on the surface but it really isn’t. Humans are not meant to be alone; we crave interaction even if its through a computer screen. We want appreciation from others and others to notice and care for us. Without a strong support system, many disappear in obscurity. Its nice to have someone who cares about how you feel and tries to understand you. It was noticeable in Haru when he realized that his way of dealing with Yuki caused more harm than good. As a good friend, he sought to learn how to be a better friend for Yuki. He was successful in this regard as Yuki grew to love him and fought to keep him in Enoshima. I truly enjoyed this show and will most likely watch it again The ending was satisfying and I wouldn’t be averse to a Season 2. DUCK!

This guy grew on me. He really did. What I consider the surprise of the season for me, Uchuu Kyoudai won my heart. It is going in a second season so these are not my final thoughts on the show. The main character is adorably idiotic but intelligent at the same time which leads to a lot of bungling on his part then some genius moves. His bungling seems to save him from a lot of trouble; though he still manages to find some. There are other characters I would like to explore but I will save that for a later date. When I watch shows, I try to search for the “deeper” meaning involved (cause blog readers love “deep”) but then I realized, there are enough bloggers who analyze shows within an inch of their microscopic life. Who am I kidding? I really don’t care about all that. I just want an entertaining and engaging story with talented voice actors, decent artwork.  It makes this blogger a happy lady. Uchuu Kyoudai was able to change my mind from thinking it would be a crappy show with an annoying main character to endearing him to me and leave me rooting for his success.  I will be saddened if Mutta doesn’t get the girl or become an astronaut. He’s wanted it all his life, he’s working hard for it, and has since being a small boy. How many people can say they have had a dream career that they have actively pursued since childhood? I can’t raise my hand for that one. But I have a feeling with this show that even if Mutta fails to reach his goal, he would find another love. I think if anything, he will have learned to be confident in himself, not see himself as a loser, and to never give up.


  1. Errant Princess

    All good shows. Sure, there weren’t any masterpieces, but sometimes it is ok to find enjoyment in all varieties of anime. It wouldn’t be much fun if you had to discriminate against things for not being perfect.

    • That’s a good way of looking at it. I don’t watch a lot of masterpieces (they are few and far between) but I still enjoy many shows. Its not fair to a decent show to stop watching it because it doesn’t match everything I want. For example, I almost stopped watching Space Brothers but I’m glad I didn’t because I actually started enjoying it.

      • Errant Princess

        sometimes a little patience pays off. I mean, I am usually tempted to stop something if I don’t like an episode but there is always the lurking feeling that it might get better..

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