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Such a Space Cadet…

So hey, guys and gals, or whatever you call yourself, what have you been up to? I have been enjoying Space Brothers (Uchu Kyodai) and fearing its upcoming end. It completely went in a direction I wasn’t expecting and I do miss the scenes with Hibito. You know with a show called Space Brothers, one would have expected some more scenes with Hibito.  But it seems this show is more about Mutta, who has grown to be quite the likable character. I’m still not sure what he sees in Serika Itou but it seems as if this is the first girl Mutta has ever had an attraction to as he has no idea how to behave around her. In fact, he tends to lose every rational thought to the point that I am surprised she hasn’t realized he has a crush on her. I guess it doesn’t hurt that she seems to be as clueless as he is in terms of socialization and the growl of her stomach overpowers rationality.

I have so much anticipation with how the show will end. Will Mutta become an astronaut like his brother Hibito? Will they fly together? Will Mutta ever express his feelings to Serika? And what is up with the director? He’s a little odd, isn’t he? I kind of want the old guy to be an astronaut. I mean he sacrificed everything for this and his worked just as hard as all the other contenders if not harder.  It really seems like each episode ends sooner than I would like it to and the viewers are left hanging on to a thin, emotional thread. I will tell you that this show has me interested in space again which is interesting due to the issues surrounding NASA currently. I would love for more Americans to go out into space. I hope there are still children and even adults dreaming and working towards becoming astronauts and exploring space. I see no reason why we should be confined to Earth when there are other universes to possibly explore.

Image source: konkonv and near~93



  1. I miss Hibito too, I hope we get to see a lot more of him in future. Glad you are enjoying Space Brothers, it is an excellent series, it is educational and a good advocate for encouraging space exploration/any kind of passionate, creative endeavor,without ever sacrificing entertainment value or heart.

    • I agree that it is wonderful in encouraging any type of creative idea. Though its about space exploration, it is about recapturing your dreams and going for it. Many people give up as Mutta had done until he got that little push and remembered what he really wanted to do. This show definitely can be a motivator.

  2. I guess you could say it has a very Shonen, optimistic side to it, which is odd considering just how detailed and caring it is in depicting the characters.

    • Wait, what are we talking about here?

      • I was talking about Space Bros, sorry.

  3. I am also watching this series and all I can say I have never enjoyed an anime with no fiction/fantasy spin on it as much as Space Brothers. This is a great article, I like your work. Keep it up *clicks follow button*

    • Thanks for the follow. I appreciate you reading the post. Space Brothers is a definite favorite but I would say it has a fiction spin to it; science fiction but that aspect is played down and not the main focus.

      • I can at least say this fiction is more plausible than having your right hand turn into a girl.

      • Ha! I know what show you are talking about. It’s science fiction so it is supposed to be in the realm of realistic and plausible.

      • Of course you know what I am talking about, I would be dissappointed if you didn’t. I also just finished a review on Natsuyuki Rendezvous, which actually also had mild fiction like Space Bros., another show I watched this season.

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