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We Were Supposed to Rendezvous

How I like to blog after all the fuss has died down about the ending of shows. There was lots of disappointment related to Natsuyuki Rendezvous.  I can definitely understand the upset. The show was full of flashbacks and had very little to do with the present. Maybe the problem came with viewers such as myself expecting to see more of a love story bloom between Hazuki and Rokka. Instead we got a show that spent many episodes of Rokka lamenting the early death of her husband, her husband creepily taking over Hazuki’s body, and poor Hazuki relegated to a storybook environment with Rokka’s doppleganger. I found myself defending this show on Twitter even after seeing the ending though I agree that the disgust was valid. The show ended with a fizzle that should have been expected based off the monotony of the last episodes.

Atsushi was downright selfish and annoying and did not believe in the “til death do us part”. Hazuki was completely clueless and naïve but he gets a pass due to his age. Rokka was a sniveling, socially withdrawn woman but she also gets a pass because she could not let go of her grief. We were introduced to Atsushi’s sister which was an absolute waste of a character and didn’t add much to the story. In trying to think of where the show went wrong, I would say a missed opportunity on allowing us to see Rokka and Hazuki work it out. We were denied that and even with all the flashbacks and the time skip, that may have been the most troublesome aspect.

Atsushi should be allowed some understanding, though. He died way too soon and although expected, he nor Rokka were ready for him to go. The show never expounded on it but they were both each other’s first love.  They were dependent upon each other even after his death. Atsushi had nothing to do after his death but become protective and obsessive over Rokka because that is where his ghost was centered, it was focused on her presence.  He had no other connections that he truly cared for outside of Rokka and his shop so over time it became more and more difficult for him to let go. Instead of him wanting her to love again, he wanted to keep her for himself. It was a selfish love but it was understandable.

Would I watch this show again? No. I liked the show but I wasn’t impressed and I have no lasting memories. Would I recommend it to anyone else? Maybe to someone who is of the sickening romantic vein or someone who feels Noitamina can do no wrong.  


  1. I somewhat agree, but the reason I think I liked it overall was finding out it wasn’t really about Hazuki and Rokkka but how they both would deal with Atsushi and his memories moving forward. Atsushi is the force that tried to seperate them but actually brought them together, I suppose the only way one would enjoy this anime is to see themselves in Rokka’s shoes. Also it is funny we both wrote about this anime at the same time. Anyways you have your strong points I am kinda glad it ended though too much a rollercoaster of feelings for me.

    • You didn’t like the emotional roller coaster? Worrying if Rokka and Hazuki would get together or if Atsushi was going to remain an imposter? The good thing with most anime is it usually ends well for your favorites. I see your point though. Honestly I think the show was more about Atsushi than it was about Hazuki and Rokka.

  2. Errant Princess

    I respect anyone who is willing to have a strong opinion about a show, regardless of whether I agree or not. I wasn’t disappointed by Natsuyuki Rendezvous myself, and would tell people to watch it for the most part. I was happy with it, but you do have a few good points there. It was more about the difficulties of letting go of the past, the relationship between Atsushi and Rokka. So the focus was less on Hazuki and Rokka falling in love.

    • I wasn’t disappointed with the show and enjoyed it for the most part. It was really the last episode that I waffled on. I don’t disagree that it was about letting go of the past and moving forward. I just wasn’t impressed how the show went about doing it.

      • Errant Princess

        Fair enough, I felt that way about Humanity Has Declined myself. Glad you liked the rest of Natsuyuki Rendezvous, anyway. I felt it was overall very impressive and thought-provoking, as well as deeply fascinating. It took a strange path, which was both sad, painful but moving to watch in many ways.

        Would you have favored more of a focus on the romance between Rokka and Hazuki? I wonder how it could of ended alternatively.

      • I think I would have favored more of a live interaction between all three. It became almost depressing in the final episodes when it started a bit light-hearted.

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