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Humanity Seriously Declined

Alas, another show that disappointed. I admit I stayed in high spirits all the way until the end. Then I realized I watched a whole series where nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nada. It was a story about a girl and fairies and we really didn’t get much of the fairies. Not enough of them anyway. I wanted to know more of the story behind them and the Assistant? Very intriguing character that was fairly ignored, the Grandfather who liked to stroke his guns, merely an afterthought. Where did Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita go wrong?


The fairies were undeniably cute and creepy at the same time but I found that appealing. The main character, “Sweets”, had a dry wit and a high level of intelligence which betrayed her moe exterior. But we didn’t get enough of the fairies. What we got were strange situations that for as intelligent as “Sweets” was, you would have thought she would have figured things out quicker or at least played more of an active role. We rarely saw much interaction between the fairies, “Sweets”, and other humans. We know that her “Grandfather” had a high position but do we really know what he did? I was left feeling “What did I just watch?”, and it wasn’t in the good way that I had when I started with this show. I even defended the show on another blogger’s post and now I feel I must eat my words.  In fact, I’m wondering if “Sweets” just imagined the whole thing and we were all victims of her whimsical fantasies. If you fully enjoyed this show, please share. If you didn’t, feel free to share your thoughts as well.


  1. I haven’t watched it yet (really bad at that). Is it seriously that disappointing? I was hoping for it to be… better, for a lack of a better way to put it.

    Should I still give it a shot or just let it drop further into my backlog?

    • It may blow your mind…most likely it won’t. The first few episodes are pretty good. I really enjoyed them. I wouldn’t say don’t watch them but I wouldn’t say its a “must watch”. But I really was left think “What? Why? Huh?”

      • Somewhat Mystia

        Hmm… Maybe I’ll put it on the backburner until I catch up with Accel World and all the Fall stuff I’m watchin’.

  2. Different strokes for different folks! I loved this anime to pieces. I think it’s important to keep in mind this isn’t a plot-driven series–it’s thematically-driven and relies more on creating a unique atmosphere to entertain rather than crafting an intricate storyline with character development or plot twists. With this in mind, essentially none of the questions you’ve raised in this post were likely ever intended to be dealt with by the author in the first place. Of course, such an unorthodox method of storytelling will definitely not appeal to everyone, but experimentation is something I appreciate about anime in general. It’s not a big deal if Humanity Has Declined wasn’t to your liking, since there are lots of other great series to choose from. If you want another try with a thematically-driven series, I suggest looking into Kino’s Journey. It’s more serious than Humanity, and though it is also episodic, it has much more of a coherent structure to it.

    • I didn’t care there was no plot. That was readily apparent in the first couple of episodes. Gintama really doesn’t have a plot but it doesn’t leave you disappointed. This show for lack of a better word, was downright ridiculous. There was no substance whatsoever, I considered none of it to be “Oooh, what a twist.” After a while, I was just bored.

  3. Errant Princess

    I think ‘pieces’ is the key word here. I don’t know what the author originally intended, but it does seem that the director wasn’t trying to answer the questions that some of the audience wanted answered, (when I see a piece not fitting in, I want to fit it in.. not let it sit there outside the place it was meant to go. In that way I suppose I am a traditionalist.) The pieces weren’t going to fit into place, that was the main issue I had with HHD. I wanted a show with a vision, the show I got was more of a collection of amusing but dysfunctional parts that never added up to anything. I enjoyed it in parts more than as a whole because it was so imbalanced and clashed with my ideal.

    It did have 4 episodes that rocked my world,(because those episodes had a vision, I thought) yet so many of the other stories seemed like they never got off the ground. I don’t think it didn’t work as a whole because my expectations didn’t match what it was, I think it lacked unification and organization of its ideas. Even if the standard was lowered considerably, I still think it would of been lacking fundamentally without some kind of ‘coherent structure.’ I guess that is where taste would logically be divided, if you expect a coherent structure you will be let down, and if you don’t you will be able to appreciate something atmospheric whether or not the story leads anywhere.

    • ^^^This. You summed up everything that I wanted to say perfectly. Alas, I just don’t have that way with words.

      • Errant Princess

        Thank you, that is very nice of you to say. I enjoy reading your reviews very much so I think you do have a good way with words.


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