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Hiatus Schmiatus

I miss blogging. I hate not having time to aniblog as much as I would like. I am still watching shows, just not as many as usual.

  • Gintama, my favorite show ever has picked back up after playing episode after episode of reruns. Did I tell you guys that I have two figurines of Gintoki on my office desk? No? Well, I do. They are courtesy of the fiance. The only figurines he has ever purchased for me and they are Gintoki. I would almost venture to say the most recent episodes have been some of the best ones yet of Gintama. We actually saw Gintoki fighting ruthlessly and attempting to kill. He is usually like Vash the Stampede in that he tries to not kill his enemies but this was not the case lately and I loved it. I loved watching him fight with his wooden sword and battle for love. Put a new meaning on “love is a battlefield”. He loves you, you know.
  • Psycho-Pass, a new favorite for the season.  Yes, yes, Shinya Kougami is a lovely addition to the show. Do I possibly have a crush on him? Oh, no, can’t have a crush on a fictional character! It’s unheard of! But nothing better than a dark, brooding character who is out for revenge and has risked everything to satisfy his need.  The show does bring up the question about using “systems” to judge what is good or bad, even before someone does a criminal deed. The frightening aspect of this show is the possibility of a system such as the Sybil System being created. A system such as Sybil would cause humans to lose any sort of autonomy and create an even more apparent caste system than we already live in. I’ve gotten several people watching this show now because of my enthusiasm for it. I love sci-fi and I have been itching for a show that I look forward to each week. Welcome to my favorites list, Psycho-Pass.Do you see the heat coming off him?
  • Tamako Market – This show is super cute and sweet. It seems like slice of life outside of the talking, overweight bird that’s been eating too much mochi. The irony is that is name is Mochiyucky.  The bird appears to actually be attracted to almost every female he comes across and he also has some uncanny technological powers.  Tamako is an extremely friendly girl and looks like she works hard to have a good family and friend life.  She cares about everyone in her life and seems to be your average teenage girl. One thing I’m wondering is where is her mother? Did her mother die and they already dropped that tidbit?
  • Uchuu Kyodai – This show is tearing at my heart strings something serious. I found myself crying out at the end of each episode. HIBITO!!! Noooooo! Then thinking, poor Mutta-chan. We have gotten to see more of Hibito as Uchuu Kyodai has manage to successfully drag out eight minutes over 3 episodes. I kid you not. 30 seconds in Uchuu Kyodai is a 30 minute show. I don’t know how they do it. This is a very slow show so if one is looking for action constantly, it probably won’t do it for you. But if you want something on the mature side, its excellent and has managed to get over 40 episodes.  I can’t believe I’m still watching this show but there are so many aspects that it hasn’t explored yet. Mutta hasn’t started training yet at JAXA! The love between these brothers is beautiful to watch and how well they know each other is simply cute


I told myself that though my life has gotten extremely busy, I would still find time to watch anime. And I have. I may can only watch it one, maybe two days a week but it is definitely needed in my life. It makes me happy and its nice to know that it does the same for so many others. How are you all doing? What are you watching?


  1. I’m still going through my backlog of animes, and they are old compared to what everyone else in the anime community is watching. I’m still working on Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, but it’s still insanely hard for me to find time to watch them. At least once I get through my backlog I can always check the blogs I follow to see what animes are worth watching.

    • I have no idea what the anime community is watching except for what I see on twitter. Used to be active in forums but I’ve found I can get lost in them and I don’t have enough time to do that. Nothing wrong with going through a backlog. Means you’ll always have something to watch.

  2. Ar..are you gonna get back to blogging anytime soon D:

    • Yes. Thats the plan. Hopefully as consistent as I used to be (once a week). I think I’m going to start setting aside time on the weekend in order to do so.

  3. “Oh, no, can’t have a crush on a fictional character! It’s unheard of!”
    Unheard of because most of us would rather not admit it. However…

    • Hahah! I do have crushes on characters; Gintoki!

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