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Shingeki no Kyojin – The Mystery of the Titan

You live within walls within walls. Terrified of a race of humongous beings that appear to be increase in numbers without any obvious mating habits (or female counterparts for that matter). The big daddies of them all are huge The Bodies Exhibit monstrosities. Some even come armored. Our hero, Eren Jaeger, has vowed to destroy these giants that eat humans with abandon and terrify the townsfolk. The question is: What are these giants and where do they come from? Eren’s father seems to have some idea which was alluded to in the first episode in which he tells Eren he has something to show him in the basement. Not to mention, in a following episode, Eren wakes up with the key to the basement around his neck that his father forcefully gave to him in the midst of an extremely realistic dream. I suspect that the giants come from humans themselves and Eren’s father, the dear old doctor knows the how and why. If you’ve read the manga, you probably know everything already but I haven’t so all I have are guesses.

I've come for you!

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) is intriguing and I’m currently enjoying it. It is one of my favorites for the current season at this time. I’m so glad this show comes on Sundays because otherwise it would be difficult for me to keep up with. It is apparent that the titans are intelligent and its clear that Eren is just figuring this out himself. Not sure how he didn’t realize it until  5 episodes down the line. Those Titans aren’t smiling for nothing. They know that humans apparently are tasty. This is a show about cannibalism if I ever did see. The Titans are an experiment gone terribly wrong (this is pure conjecture). I’m assuming its all in Dexter’s Lab, I mean, Dr. Jaeger’s basement.

There is also a hint of class differences in the series and the use of “expendable” individuals to fight against the Titans. There is the lord playing chess with a solider  (I believe he is a commander) who immediately leaves when the walls are threatened. The lord begins cowering in terror and begging the soldier to stay with him where he lives in his posh estate. This lord is plump and jovial which contrasts drastically with the people of the towns being attack by the Titans who are hard-working, small in stature, hard-faced. The class difference is also addressed in the training with some really wanting to be a part of the military police brigade because they are the soldiers that serve the King who is deep within the walls and sees virtually no Titan action.  The higher in class you are, the more likely you have less fear of being sacrificed to the Titans as human lambs.

There is  Mikasa Ackerman whom we have yet to learn the relationship between her and Eren. We know that his family were raising her but we know that she is not his relative by blood. She is very protective of Eren and was charged by his mother to watch over him as he is wont to get himself in trouble.  The most recent episode gave us a preview of the upcoming episode in which the mystery of Mikasa will be resolved. I’m sure she has a pretty exciting story to tell. Even before the time jump and they aged into young adults, as a girl, in the glimpses we had of her personality, we saw a darkness and sadness within and a most impressive strength. I look forward to watching about her story.

I know I have lost a few  followers due to my hiatus but for those who are still checking in, are you watching this show? If so, what are your thoughts?



  1. I’m watching, and I’m loving it!

    I’m actually trying not to think so much ahead – I’m sure to be surprised, then, when secrets are revealed.

    • I didn’t try to think far ahead but the answer was so clear! And I was right about it.

  2. ajester

    I second the watch and love. This series is intense. I think it will finally be the Monthly Manga I will be picking up once Bakuman finishes its American Release.

    • It is a definite must watch. I like where the story is going and the episodes seem so short!

  3. This is one of the few I’m (sort of) keeping up with this season, and it looks like it’s going to be a favorite, right up there with Another and Gungrave. The world-building, characters, story, animation… just about everything about Attack on Titan keeps me very interested. The only parts I haven’t liked were characters that I was supposed to hate anyway, so I’m really enjoying the ride!

    • I am with you in enjoying the ride. I have not watched Gungrave but this does have the makings of being another favorite. I haven’t hated any characters surprisingly enough. I have been annoyed but no hate. Love the story, the art, and the intrigue.

  4. I’m also experiencing the same feeling as you are. I’m too excited that I could not wait for the sunday episodes so i’m reading the manga online. check it out:

  5. Mikasa is Eren’s foster sister. Only some of the titans are intelligent. I think Eren always had the key. I have watched all the current episodes of the Anime. You mentioned that it showed up on Sundays. What channel?

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