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Intelligence in a Monster!

Alert: Lots of speculation, spoilers (if you’re not watching and plan to or if you are behind)!

I will devour you!

Shingeki no Kyojin, episode 17, brings back the intelligent Titans. Now after 17 episodes, it really is clear that there are other Titans like Eren. What I’m not understanding is why people in this show appear utterly clueless and surprised about the intelligent Titans. It was clear from the beginning when the Armoured Titan broke through the wall and the Colossal Titan kicked a gigantic hole in the wall. Why is it that is only Armin who seems to have a clue? Obviously, Eren’s father knows a lot but he’s not been spotted since the beginning of the first season. Is his father one of the Titans, because we are coming up to episode 18 and we have no clue. I need answers. It was all very nice to watch them train, beat up poor Eren emotionally and physically upon finding out he can transform into a Titan but there are elements that are missing for me.

The show still has not explored how Eren’s father was able to visit him in a dream, communicate with him, and leave a key with Eren. What was in the needle that he stuck in Eren? Was the substance that he injected in Eren, the substance that creates Titans? It seems obvious to me that the Titans are humans,  which became apparent when Eren transformed. I am not clear the purpose of their creation; possibly population control or as one episode alluded to; possibly to make humans more reliant upon each other and not segregated. Give them a common enemy  so humanity can band together as one.

Since I haven’t been on the anime boards in almost a year and I’m still catching up on anime blogs, I’m not sure what others are thinking. I’m sure the manga readers already know but I have just started reading the manga and I have no answers! The introduction of the female Titan was of monumental importance and it was clear she was very focused on a goal. She appeared to know who Armin was;

shingeki-no-kyojin - kick asswhich adds to my belief  that the Colossal and Armored Titans are humans that are members of the military force.  Eren never mentioned again the experience when the Colossal Titan disappeared when he attacked it. He just seemed to brush it off as if it didn’t occur.  He was confused for a millisecond and immediately moved on. That seemed like an important plot point; the Titan disappeared in thin air. Where did it go? The Colossal and Armored Titans have the ability to control their transformations unlike Eren. Armin has figured that they want Eren and he is close to working out why. Another plot piece ignored so far or maybe being saved for an episode in the near future is the killing of the two titans that were being experimented on. I’m pretty sure Erwin knows what happened there but he’s playing it close to the chest.

This show leaves me with a lot of questions and theories and I really hope they are answered satisfactorily. This show would be deemed a great show by me if it is resolved properly and its not given the same treatment anime has been given in the last decade. So far so good.



  1. Haha, this show has so many plot holes, but it’s still pretty good and has a lot of potential! I just hope we get the answer when it ends.

    • I love the show even with the plot holes. But they really need to fill them. Sometimes it feels that anime writers forget what they wrote in earlier episodes and veer off in another direction towards the end.

  2. How much do you want to bet that it will end without answering all the questions that you posed? So many anime almost seem to be advertisements for the manga on which they were based. As if to say, “Did you like this and want to see how the series ends? Pick up the manga from your local Barnes and Noble!”

    • I really hope that doesn’t happen but you’re probably right. They’ve wasted many episodes of nothing happening that could have been utilized to fill plot holes bit by bit. They’ve focused on Jean who I don’t find to be an appealing character and ignored others who seem a bit more three dimensional.

      It surely has led me to to want to read the manga for some answers.

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