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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Anime

Why not? If you’re stuck in the mindset that “cartoons are for kids”, that’s not a good excuse.  And so what? Cartoons are fun, especially good ones! There are anime shows that are specifically targeted for children just as there are now Western cartoons specifically targeted for adults. Is watching anime weird? Only if you think so. Disclaimer: Don’t expect this post to be philosophical.

1. The characters are real. I know, I know, they are not actually flesh and blood but they’re voice actors are and the feelings they evoke in the viewer are real. That same feeling one gets from watching a move with live actors; their characters aren’t real, but people feel attached to them and identify with them. The same can be done with anime.

2. You’d be a member of a very cool group of people. Many anime fans/otakus are highly intelligent. You can generally have a good conversation with one of us; even if it may be about the importance of moe and the integral role it plays in anime. Or it may be about how Eureka Seven is the worst mecha and how dare you compare it to Gundam. We’re also a pretty friendly bunch as long as you don’t insult our favorite anime. People get real sensitive about these things.  There are anime clubs, anime conventions, anime forums, anime websites; a myriad of activities to join in. Come in, the water is fine.

Don’t this fellas look to be buckets of fun?

3. Variety. There is slice-of- life, mecha, science fiction, fantasy, josei, action, adventure, comedy, romance, parody, shonen, shojo, supernatural, mystery, sports, tournament style; I doubt the list covers them all. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there is probably an anime for it. If you saw Pacific Rim and you liked it, it was nothing more than a live action anime.


4. Escapism. Sometimes you need to get away from things using a safe and legal hobby. I like to read and watch anime. Anime is a great way of escape because you are taken to artfully created worlds that can only come from a great imagination. You are introduced to characters that you may never know but by the time it is all over, will feel that you do. You can lose yourself for at least a couple of hours or so. If I watch a good series, I generally forget about whatever problems were haunting me that day. When you’re riding public transportation; escape to a cleaner world. When you’re at a family reunion and are overwhelmed by cousins and aunts who all want to kiss you; escape to a quieter space. Of course, be conscientious about how much time you’re spending, you don’t want to be a lazy pants who doesn’t contribute to society because all you do is watch anime.


5. Cosplay.  When I first started watching anime, I wasn’t aware of this fun past-time. People dressing up as their favorite characters and actually looking the part? It’s better than Halloween. Creativity and ingenuity goes into many of these costumes. Time and patience, two things I do not have are important when it comes to the creation of a great cosplay in addition to a stellar photographer (this seems to be a prerequisite). And what a perfect opportunity to see people carrying carefully crafted weapons that look real but are nothing more than plaster, a NERF gun, aluminum, spray paint, and/or duct tape.  Join a fandom and you can cosplay with others and make this a social gathering. Who says watching anime is a lonesome hobby?


What are your reasons for watching anime?


  1. I love everything about this post.

    Everything is so true, but my main reason for watching I guess is getting to escape reality. Not that I don’t like reality though! It’s just easier for me to pour my feelings out over anime rather than over my own life. I generally feel happier when I have something I can passionately love like I do anime.

    • Absolutely. Anime can cleanse your soul especially if you love it. It is a great escape and every now and then you need one. And why not one that is enjoyable and comforting.

      • Deadman

        I totally agree with your and Black Ragdoll’s comment 😀

    • Doge

      Anime is relatable even if its not a sloce of life. I mean, even fantasy anime have real life lessons.

  2. I really enjoyed this list. Everything you have listed is pretty much the reason I got into it. I love romance stories and anime was a good way to indulge my love for those type of stories. It also helps that there are animes with really deep stories and wonderful characters. It’s just a matter of finding the really good series.

    • Thank you. Ahh, so you are a romantic? I didn’t think to add that as part of the list of romantics. Anime has many romantic series that are sweetly done. And yes, anime can be really deep! Its looking beyond the fact that it is a cartoon. I have yet to see a deep Western cartoon (well, Toys was actually kind of deep) but there aren’t many. Anime produces a good number of deep stories.

  3. Kai

    When I just started watching anime, I also never knew about cosplay.. until the day I saw an old man cosplaying as one of the character in Sailor Moon. Ever since then, cosplays had been a pretty grimacing topic for me. Time goes on, and my “injury” slowly heals, and was able to find some other decent cosplays which don’t leave me cringeworthy. I even know the names of some popular cosplayers in the net so I will know for sure checking their cosplays won’t leave me stunned (in a bad way). Cosplay is fun, no doubt about it, but some of them just look bizarre…

    • Funny. I just commented on your blog.

      You’re right, some cosplay is extremely strange but I have been to AWA the last couple of years and have seen some good ones. I haven’t seen ones like you see posted around the net but they have been close enough. And not to take away from some of the popular cosplayers, these seem more real and honest. Dragon Con has really good cosplayers as well and those you do see posted on the net.

    • What has been “seen” can never be “unseen”.

  4. noxturne

    I like anime because the writing is more adult but unafraid to include humor. I can name many anime better than Hollywood films.

    • The anime targeted towards adult is written maturely but there is a lot of childish writing in anime. We are just more likely to watch the anime geared towards adults. I definitely like the variety in anime.

  5. I love that anime can have many themes from mundane ho hum life to alternate realities and beyond. This makes for good story’s and thought provoking platform. That is why I love anime you never know what you will get next. The thrill of finding your favorite anime over and over again. So yes there is childish and creepy elements, but for the most part there are many manga’s and anime’s that have good content.

    • You’re right. There is so much variety in anime. Sometimes in the mood for slice of life and sometimes I’m in the mood for romance or science fiction. Anime has all those genres available for people. Non-anime watchers can only seek to understand and possibly enjoy it once they get past the thought process of childishness and “all anime is porn.”

      • Deadman

        well it all matters on their opinion and first let me get this straight im a anime fan or otaku and i like anime (duh) but i also respect other peoples opinion and in my understanding there are people who think that anime is porn because they may have seen an anime porn or seen the perverted scene in an anime and people who think this: don’t coz it’s there for comedy even if its frequent and the other type of people are the ones who think animes are cartoons coz well they’re are (technically animation) but there are many differences, most known is that cartoons are animations from america which have weird characters who most don’t look realistic (no offense tho) and animes are animations from japan which do look more realistic but this is just an example and there are a lot more examples but these are the main ones so people don’t go saying its bad or its gross or childish, etc even though you’ve never tried it yet.

  6. Katsu

    Soooo true. THe reason I love watching anime most is escaping reality…. I just get WAAAY to involved in romance in real life and get hurt ALOT and I just randomly feel depressed or stressed with things going on. Alot of anime romance helps me cry and get all my emotions out. I also love watching anime because it’s just AMAZING!!! It’s VERY entertaining and fun to watch!

    • It is very entertaining and fun to watch!

  7. Rabbit

    A very well written blog, using it in my philosophy essay (with proper citations of course) ^.^
    I agree with every aspect in the blog 😀
    Also, even though you didn’t intend for the post to be philosophical, it worked out perfectly for my topic (Influence of Anime on the Modern Teenaged Society).

  8. Rawaq Al-Sahooly

    I don’t really know why I like anime I just like it but people keep bugging me about it like why do you like it so much it’s only for kids and I ignore them obviously. I actually am a very attached person to anime that two of my friends become otakus now because of me! Yay now I actually have someone to talk about with anime I don’t get why people hate anime but if you do then your a butt nugget!!!! And my reason is to escape reality and live In a hole wide totally different world! 😍😍😍😍😍😊😊

  9. “What are your reasons for watching anime?” To embarrass my son? Wait, that doesn’t work anymore (he’s past the point of caring, unless I show his friends my cellphone wallpaper of Nano and tell them she’s my girlfriend, then he gets a little flustered).

    Let me try again. Why do I watch anime? Escapism.

    Actually, a better question is, why do I (or any of us here) watch *anime* as opposed to or instead of other media? I certainly have watched a lot of “live action” film and TV in (nearly) 50 years, but for all practical purposes stopped about 10 or 12 years ago. After decades of trickle I suddenly picked up anime as a “serious” hobby about 5 years ago when I stumbled across something on netflix that struck a cord with me and discovered it was only the tip of the iceberg of what I had been missing. I’ve been thinking about this question for a couple of years now, and I can certainly list a lot of the traits I like about anime in general (and a lot about what I don’t like), but I really don’t know why anime appeals to me so much more than “Western” animation or live action film.

    • Maybe nowadays tv series that appears animated appeals to you more? Maybe you like the artstyle of anime more than other cartoons? Maybe the serious content in all of anime appeals to you (blood, gore, violence)? Hey I’m only trying to help out.

      • Actually, I probably watch more ‘drama’, ‘slice of life’ and ‘rom-com’ than I do anything else. I certainly like the action/adventure stuff, but those don’t seem to get as much attention from me as other themes. On the other hand, as you point out, anime is full of shows that tackle the ‘difficult’ subjects: child abuse, bullying, violence against women, and others, that Western media (particularly animated) tends to gloss over.

  10. I haven’t watched much cartoons outside of Japan, but from the ones I’ve seen, depending on which sort your watching (comedy or action), there are realistic characters. People watch other cartoons for escapism too. Why do I not watch non-anime cartoons? I know it isn’t in all cartoons, but in nearly all non-anime cartoons I’ve watched there’s this huge amount of cencorship that anime doesn’t give. Like no one ever mentions the word kill, nor there’s any degree of violence in it, or some bad words, but I know there are some cartoons out there that have those things in it. I just don’t know which ones.

  11. To enter the twilight and imaginative zone

  12. I agree with everything on this list except for the cosplay part. I don’t like the idea of cosplaying. A certain character can look appealing in a show with pink or blue hair but this doesn’t work in real life and is an insult to the anime. Anyone remember “dragonball evolution”?

  13. OMG THIS IS WHY I LOVE THIS BLOG! You basically wrote down my feelings in words, like literally, these are the reasons I watch anime. Amazing.

    • Thank you for reading. Please continue to stick around!

  14. Joshua

    Eureka Seven is way better than Gundam.

  15. abby

    I am a doctor and I watch anime at the end of my shifts.Kinda getaway from reality I guess for me.

    • Sometimes you need that escape.

  16. Nicole Faye

    i like the escape

    • That’s a good reason. Thanks for the comment!

  17. I really forgot the things that makes me mad and when I’m alone I watch anime to entertain myself and its really effective than to make a long communication or conversation with my friends who will left after we talk. 🙂

    • Anime does help when you’re angry, alone, and/or hurt. Its a great prescription for some ailments.

  18. tom2filby

    What a well written blog, I love watching anime because a lot of characters are very relatable and the community is great.

    • Thank you, Tom.

      And I agree that many characters are easy to identify with and the anime community is pretty cool.

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