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A Conventional Thing to Do (Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013)

This weekend, I enjoyed the three day fun fest called Anime Weekend Atlanta.  I spent massive amounts of time surrounded by noting but otakus and furries. I have yet to figure out what the furries were doing there. And lets not forget the steampunkers who are popping up everywhere. So what does one do at a con?  Well, there are three things you must do. You must eat, bathe, and sleep. One thing about cons is that many people tend not to bathe and that can lead to a terrible funk. People also tend not to sleep so they end up passing out in hallways, corridors and game rooms.

i'm just going to lay right hereTogether

My photos of the con are not professional, all were taken on my cell as I left my camera at home. This is a con through the eyes of a regular person without a fancy camera and editing skills.

The guy sleeping on the left had to be exhausted because he was lying right next to the Dance Dance Revolution game where an active session was going on with blaring music. He was completely out of it. So you’ve got your people passed out in various states of repose and then you have DaExterminateleks chasing you. I was actually terrified as the Dalek was moving quite quickly I might add towards me stating “Exterminate! Exterminate!” I backed away at a rapid pace, I assure you. By the way, the cosplayer in the Dalek costume won an award in the costume contest. It was actually a well done costume though its not anime.

Speaking of anime, there were tons of Shinjeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) cosplayers. It was apparent that this is a popular show. It was so many, I only felt the need to take a picture of one because it literally looked like they all purchased their costume from the same website.  I liked this guy because of the nose piercing. He gave the costume more of an edgy look plus he had a great head of hair and an awesome little beard. I'm Awesome

The beauty of Anime Weekend Atlanta is the demographics. There was such variety in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, physical ability; you name it. Its family oriented so there are a number of families. I’m just going to leave some shots here for you all. Have you ever been to an anime con before? What did you like? What didn’t you like? Click on the pictures for a closer look. The last two were not taken by me but they are of my friend from work. Enjoy!Hi guys!I'm ready for my closeup1024x768_bestfit_13 1024x768_bestfit_14 256x256_fit_one_bestfit_13 1024x768_bestfit_17 256x256_fit_one_bestfit_14 256x256_fit_one_bestfit_15 1024x768_bestfit_20 1024x768_bestfit_28 256x256_fit_one_bestfit_23 1024x768_bestfit_4 256x256_fit_one_bestfit_30 256x256_fit_one_bestfit 1024x768_bestfit_45

Princess Mononoke et al 1024x768_bestfit_31 1024x768_bestfit_35 1024x768_bestfit_39

Try me 1024x768_bestfit_2


  1. That looks like a good time. Some of the cosplayers had especially great beards augmenting their costumes, and I love the inclusion of the Dalek!

    • It was a really good time. I got little to no rest. The Dalek was really good!

  2. The Cajun Samurai

    Nice pictures! It looks like you had fun!

    I went to MechaCon in New Orleans this August, and I had a BLAST. It was my first real anime convention, so I was a little overwhelmed by the whole experience, but on the whole, I had fun!

    I did a small write-up about it on my blog: [Shameless Plug Time:

    • I did have fun. Plug away. Haha. I’ll give it a read.

  3. Ah I love conventions. Looks like so much fun.

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