Obligatory End of the 2013 Year Post


Happy New Year! This was by far not a good year for blogging for me. So much has happened in 2013 that I couldn’t find the time to post as often. For the people who follow my blog, you know I got married, so there was tons of planning happening and then the wedding. There just wasn’t enough room in my life to blog, work, watch anime, plan a wedding, and everything else life threw my way. I still managed to watch anime and K-drama but I must say 2013 left me unsatisfied in terms of anime selection. But I still hold hope that 2014 will bring back an anime that truly excites me with a story that moves me. That is not to say that 2013 left me with nothing. My favorites for this year were:

1. Psycho Pass

2. Gin no Sagi

3. Uchouten Kazoku

4. Aku no Hana

5. Shingeki no Kyojin

I really hope that I can get back to my more consistent blogging again. However, there is something else BIG happening right now so we shall see. Stay tuned to find out what it is!

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  1. Psycho Pass was also my favorite for the year. I love dystopian scenarios, and Psycho Pass was better than the other dystopian anime last year: Shin Sekai Yori. I still want to find time to finish that though.

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