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January is Halfway Over?

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2014! A year where new anime will be just as good as the classics! So much hope and optimism for this year that is upon us. I haven’t given up on anime yet but I haven’t settled on what currently running anime I’m watching this season or which one of the older series I am going to watch. I have checked out the first episode of three new series for this season.  Of course, there are no (maybe a tiny bit) spoilers.

Raining ground beef?

  • Hamatora – This appears to be a detective show. A detective show where the characters have magical powers; the bad guys, the good guys. You have to give something to use the power or a certain action must be in process for you to use your power. Humans who hold these powers are called Minimum Holders. Not clear yet on how they came about with that title for these supernaturally powered people. Hamatora is the name of a detective agency that works out of a cafe; they rent a table there. It looks like they are the main characters and they seem to be a group of misfits that work together in a haphazardly yet cohesive manner. Oxymoron, I know. So far, it reminds me of Durarara!!! in terms of the animation style and behavior of some of the characters. The first episode was enough to get me interested in more. There were really nice fight scenes and a mystery that ended hilariously. Second episode is out but I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet. I’ll give this two more episodes before I say for sure that I will continue to watch to the end.
  • Pupa – With a 5 minute running time for each of its 12 episodes; this show should not be too disappointing. You can look up the name and the internet will spoil the first episode for you. I had not read any reviews on this show; had no idea what I was going into but it looked dark so I figured I would give it a shot. It packs a punch in the first episode. When it was over, I was left staring at the screen, mouth agape, mumbling to myself “What? What? No. Its over? What? No.” It looks like its going to terrify the crap out of me but I’m still going to watch the second episode. 
  • Wizards Barristers: Benmashi Cecil – I’m up in the air with this one. The second episode will get a watch but there was a scene that was completely unnecessary to the story line that almost made me say “forget it”. I am partly annoyed by the way the main character is dressed and her naiveté but she has the potential to grow which I hope can happen in this show. It parallels with Hamatora actually except instead of a detective agency its a law office that the main character, Cecil, has just now joined.  There are wizards instead of Minimum Holders. Basically, characters still have magical powers. Initially, Cecil did not interest me as a character until towards the end where we are introduced to another side of her outside of the terribly dressed and annoying voice character she is. The cases that it appears the law office that she has joined will defend are more interesting than her. The stories behind their situations and of course, the fight scenes made the first episode watchable once you got past all the cutesy stuff. I’ll give this show one more episode before I commit or write it off.

I am on a search to find some good old anime. I’ve gotten good recommendations on my blog before but this year, I’ve decided to step outside of my box a bit to find more. I’m hoping to get back to blogging more consistently. I’ve missed it. I’m going to start with baby steps; possibly every two weeks vs the once/twice weekly I was doing before. Hope you all brought in the new year with good cheer. 


  1. I’m also interested in watching two of those anime, especially Wizard Barristers because of the likeness of the heroine to Mikura of Mezzo DSA. Cecil sounds like she has almost the opposite personality of Mikura, and Luci Christian (Kaname Chidori in Full Metal Panic) does an awesome job voicing her. There’s also a Mezzo Forte OVA, but you won’t catch me recommending it.

    Pupa sounded interesting to me until I saw the preview. xD My favorite movie about cannibals is The Naked Prey, but other movies or shows dealing with that don’t interest me.

    Otherwise, Noragami is the anime I’m most interested in this season.

    • In terms of Pupa, I haven’t seen the cannibalism yet but it just seems so dark which I’m in the mood fore.

      Themes of Noragami: fanservce…eh. 🙂


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