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Still Alive!!!

I have not posted in a while. My silence has been a little longer than usual because of the massive changes that have been going on in my life. I know I have probably lost a few readers but I wanted to check in and let you know that I am not gone but I am on hiatus. The reason for my silence is I have simply been exhausted as my body makes another little anime fan. Couple this with a very stressful job, I have not had the energy to post as much as I used to. I am still watching anime, of course. I would be unhappy if I didn’t . I just finished watching Tatakau Shisho (The Book of Bantorra). It was a recommendation from one of you wonderful readers and it was a good one. Thanks. I’m always on the lookout for quality older anime from before the last four years of anime.


Someday I will take over the world!

Please continue to bear with me, people! I really plan on being back in full once I get my bearings. The little anime fan is almost done cooking. I hope you all are watching some good new shows. Tell me what you’re watching or what you recommend. Happy anime watching!



  1. First, congratulations on the little one! That’s exciting, but I’ve heard about how much energy is sapped away in pregnancy. I think we all can understand the need for a hiatus. ^.^

    I just got done with a busy semester of school, and I’m still not completely reoriented to the anime world. But I’ve made a point to watch the sports anime. I just got caught up on Baby Steps yesterday, and I’m really liking it. The main character, Ei-chan, has a slightly different approach to his tennis than most main characters do in sports anime. I’m enjoying the volleyball anime, Haikyuu!!, too. The main character is really cute. I want to put puppy ears on him and give him a big hug. That’s not the reason I like the show, of course, but it’s a bonus.

    If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend Tonari no Seki-kun. It just has 7-ish minutes per episode, but it makes me laugh. I especially appreciated it during the school year, when I needed the break.

    • Thank you. It definitely does sap the energy. It is not a myth!

      I’m also thinking about going back to school for my PhD. What is wrong with me? I definitely have not forgotten busy semesters! Anime was a life-saver during that time. I hope that you did well this semester.

      I’ve not really gotten into the sports anime but I have been considering giving one a try lately just for a change. I’ve seen the first episode of Tonari no Seki-kun, I liked it. Then I got distracted and kept saying I would get back to it. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I’ll second Annalyn’s congratulations on the child! May God and St. Mary make everything go smoothly.

    I’m glad that you enjoyed Book of Bantorra! That’s one of my top ten. I’ll certainly still be here when you start writing on a regular basis again.

    • Thank you!

      It was you who recommended it!Thank you. It was a quality recommendation. I look forward to writing regularly again myself.

  3. Woh, I had no idea! Congratulations! Parenthood is amazing and crazy and super hard and wonderful – I hope you enjoy your pregnancy and that everything goes well leading up to the birth!

    • Thanks, Charles! I’ve been keeping it pretty quiet. However, I felt that I owed you all an explanation of my longer than normal silence.

  4. Hmm. I only got a few episodes into The Book of Bantorra before I stalled for some reason. Haven’t dropped it though. May take another look.

    • I stalled in it for a while. It took me almost six months to watch it because I had/have so much going on.

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