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Episodic Posts – Too Much Work

I generally don’t do episodic posts which is probably why my blog tends to be classified as opinionated. It is highly opinionated, I might add. Anime is one of the few things I have an opinion on or care to have strong discussions about outside of politics and religion. Although, I rank anime right up there with politics and religion in terms of “things you don’t discuss at work”.  It’s not as if I can stand by the water cooler and say “Did you see that episode of Tokyo Ghoul last night? Oh, man!” I also don’t have the urge to come to my blog and say the same thing and explore every minute detail.

If I write an episodic post; it’s a clear indication that I like the show and had a lot of thoughts on it. I just simply do not have enough time to write a post on every episode of a show. One, I watch multiple shows so I would have to choose one or two. Two, I would have to take notes to write a clear and concise post. I’m not in school, I’m not taking notes on a show I’m watching for pleasure! Three, I don’t really have a three. It’s just that three is the magic number. I prefer rambling about a show after it’s finished and reading others’ episodic posts. Except some of you people watch the shows a day earlier before it hits Hulu Plus or Crunchyroll so I have to ignore your posts! I also shake my fist at you mentally.  Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest,  here is a list of some of what I am watching.

  • Tokyo ESP – So far, I am enjoying this show. It seems to be doing the start from the end, then jump to the beginning to circle back to the end. That will definitely keep me watching. It’s got a mixture of action, violence, and comedy. Humans with special powers trying to take over the world and destroy humans with no powers works for me.
  • Tokyo Ghoul – I’m not sure how I ended up watching two shows with Tokyo in the title but this is another show that I am feeling. Ghouls are monsters but look like humans physically until they try to eat you. Our main character becomes a half human/ghoul by some unfortunate circumstances. Very gruesome show. I like.
  • Terror in Resonance – This is actually a show dealing with terrorism. We have yet to figure out why the characters are terrorists but there has been a lot of foreshadowing. I’m impressed because usually anime deals with terrorists as the “other” but they are front line in this show. Lots of homage paid to real terrorist attacks that have occurred in our lifetime and in other centuries.
  • The Kawai Complex Guide – This show is complete but I’ve just started watching it. Its my comic relief. It has tons of fanservice (shocker!) but it works for this show. It is done in a way that has me cracking up and is relevant to the plot.
  • One Week Friends – I finished this a couple of weeks ago. Interesting premise, a girl forgets her friends after one week and the boy who wants to stay her friend forever.

I’m also watching Captain Earth, Hamatora, Blue Spring Ride, and I’m going to check out more shows that were posted as recommendations in my post about looking for more mature anime directed towards adult; or has more serious content. Tokyo Ghoul and Terror in Resonance definitely meet that criteria. Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I’m actually feeling somewhat lucky. Anime is a hobby I can actually talk about openly where I work, as there are many I know or work with directly who are also anime fans (from casual to hobbyist). It’s a large company, with it’s own Intranet (internal internet) and an on-line call-up with photos, and many of us use anime (or RPG) related graphics instead of ‘real’ photos 😀

    • You are somewhat lucky. We are not allowed to use anything but our faces in our profile shots; which means I have no real photo. However, my desktop background is an anime related image and sometimes when I call the IT dept and they have remote control of my desktop, they will know whats on my screen. Other than that, few watch it and one openly antagonizes me about it. But I have a couple of IRL friends that watch anime and K-drama so I can talk to them and I have people like you!

  2. Tell me how you like Captain Earth. I got the impression that it could have been much better than it was. By a certain point, watching it felt rather like homework.

    And I enjoyed how quirky Hamatora was. Some scenes were rather surprising. In particular, I was not prepared for how dark it became,

    • I apologize for my slow response to this. I actually stopped watching Captain Earth. Your impression is correct that it could have been much better than it was. It got so dull to me that I have not been able to finish.

      • No problem! Yes, that it had so much potential but failed to live up to it describes the show. Sadly, too many anime are like that.

      • That does seem to be the fate of many anime. Hamatora does continue to deliver. It has gotten dark and I cannot wait to see how it will close in Season 2. I have a bad feeling, though.

      • Haven’t started watching season two, but I should get around to that soon. With that show’s creativity, the ending should be great–unless they pull a French Connection type ending like they did in the first season!

      • Last season’s ending left me with my mouth wide open!

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