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Why I hate Cockroaches

terraformars*There will be some profanity in this blog post.

Big, fucking cockroaches. With wings. They exist. We like to call them “waterbugs” but they are really just big, fucking, nasty ass, creepy-crawly cockroaches. And someone in Japan decided to make a manga about big, fucking cockroaches. Then another person in Japan thought it would be an even better idea to make it an anime. Hopefully, some genius doesn’t get it into her or his head to make a live-action about big, fucking cockroaches with wings. I decided to watch Terra Formars as one of my shows this season. Hence, now my skin is crawling.

The show is pretty good so far. Good enough for me to want to read the manga. I’m pretty sure everybody dies; if not everyone, but most and probably in gruesome ways. That’s what it seems like so far although Crunchyroll is giving us the censored version so I don’t get to see the deaths in their full glory. But what we do get to see, is big, fucking cockroaches with wings. If you’ve ever encountered a cockroach, you know that those little fuckers are smart. They will play dead, they will sneak in from the tiniest places, they will flatten themselves so you can’t squish them, and if they have wings, they will fly up your wall. In Terra Formars, these cockroaches surpass our meager little annoyances. They seem to possess a high level of intelligence and massive organization. Which come to think of it, they probably already do in their tiny forms but now they are huge. And they are extremely muscular, think Arnold Schwarzenegger from the 1980s. These cockroaches don’t want to eat you, they want to crush you. They want to crush you the way we crush their tiny cousins. Step on you and push down hard to make sure their guts come out. That’s the only way you know they are dead.

I am rooting for the “humans” in this series even though they hold responsibility for these huge cockroaches on Mars. Mars! We already think of Mars of a shitty environment for humans to live but now add monstrous cockroaches to it. This is one show that I will check out the manga as well if I can find time for it. Shows like this tend to lean towards being excellent but don’t satisfy me when they end. It doesn’t look like it will bode well for the “humans” so far and I’m up to episode 3. There is also the smell of conspiracies afoot with clandestine meetings in darkened bars. If it can provide a good balance of fleshing out the conspiracies in a matter that makes sense and mindless violence; this show may end up a standout of the Fall Season.

What are you watching?


  1. My biggest problem with the cockroaches is that they seem too human-like: both in build and intelligence. I was hoping for something more like the way they were designed in the movie Mimic.

    Anyway, I did decide to drop the show, but your post makes me want to give it another shot. Let’s see what episode three is like.

    • I could see that being an issue. I was taken aback by that. I think it leads to possibly human intervention regarding their looks besides the bland explanation given.

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