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Parasitic Behavior

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It is the season for me watching shows about creepy crawlies. With Halloween around the corner, it’s appropriate that I am watching shows that may make a person’s skin crawl. I’ve added watching Parasyte – the maxim – to my fall anime season repertoire. Parasyte was a manga that ran from the years 1990 – 1995. It is science fiction horror which is one of my favorite genres because you know: ALIENS!!! There is nothing new about the premise of Parasyte; aliens infect humans and take over their bodies then go killing other uninfected humans to feed.  What makes Parasyte stand out to me so far is the relationship that seems to be building between the main character; Shinichi Izumi and the parasyte (sic) that failed in his task to completely take over Shinichi, Migi.

Migi only manages to take over Shinichi’s right hand leaving his brain fully intact and functioning. This leads to some very awkward situations in the beginning and a lot of times, making Shinichi look mentally unstable as he seems to talk to himself. Underneath the silliness of some of the behaviors, there are things that Migi says that ring true about humans. He questions Shinichi on what makes his kind different from human kind. Humans slaughter animals to feed themselves and think nothing of the life that was lost to feed them. Humans kill each other viciously for no other purpose besides anger, jealousy, greed; irrational emotions. Migi’s kind on the other hand tend to see themselves as more rational and logical especially Migi. For Migi, it is killed or be killed. Migi does not suffer a conscious but being attached to Shinichi, a symbiotic relationship is created forcing Migi to deal with Shinichi’s human conscious.

Is it better to do the logical and rational thing or is it better to respond out of emotions? Humans tend to respond using emotions and not rational thought. Humans also respond to situations based off their religious faiths something that Migi would find odd. Humans are worthy of study as we inhabit a world with other humans who have their own thoughts and behaviors; as humans, we have to adapt to each other to live in harmony. I don’t think we do a very good job of it sometimes.


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