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Roaches, Beetles, Ants, Spiders With a Dash of Human

Terra-FormarsTerraformars is driving me mad! I want to watch this show but it is so disjointed and the animation style is so ragged (possibly due to censorship by Crunchyroll). It just seems all over the place right now. There is a story in here; I can feel it but I haven’t seen it yet. Lots of gratuitous violence and marvelous fight scenes but I’m having to piece together a story here based off random narration and the thoughts of the characters.  Did I mention the cockroaches kinda look like Black guys? REALLY BIG Black guys with little, curly afros? Its even more obvious in the manga than it is in the anime.

I really want to enjoy this anime but what the hell? It’s pissing me off. I finished the most recent episode and sighed in frustration. I am having much more fun watching Shingeki no Bahamut (Rage of Bahamut): Genesis. At least that show makes a little more sense than the cockroaches.


  1. I was impressed by the first episode, and expected it to be one of my favourite shows in what was already a very good season for anime. Unfortunately, largely due to the amount of censorship, I ended up dropping it at episode 3 – I figured my time would be better spent on series I could actually watch, as opposed to staring at an 80% censored screen every time a major plot development occured!

    • (Run-on sentence to follow) The censoring has gone away but I don’t like the way the show was shot with the camera angles, shaky camera, static on the screen when explaining the insect the human was adapted with; its really annoying. The show really has the potential to be great with its plot point but they are failing at it so its turning into an okay show. Not one that I wait on each episode with bated breath.

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