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Restarting in the New Year

Via Tumblr

Via Tumblr

I realized something in 2014. I have been posting on this blog for 3+ years. I hadn’t realized that time had passed so quickly. Albeit, in the last year and a half, my posts have been spotty at best. I noticed that I veered away from what I used to blog about. Granted, this blog doesn’t have a specific direction outside of focusing on anime and sometimes K-drama. However, when I started, I wasn’t just blogging on current series. I would watch an older series and blog about my thoughts on it. I would also blog about a topic related to the anime community. I want to revisit that era in my blogging life. That was when I really enjoyed ani-blogging.

My posts of 2014 did not fully exemplify the content that I truly wanted to share on this blog. I wanted to delete them but chose to keep them as this blog is in a way a live diary of my life. By reading my posts, I can tell where I was in my life. So to delete them would be to ignore certain aspects of my life. 2015 starts a new year and I’m hoping it can reinvigorate me in terms of my anime watching and ani-blogging.

Stick around, guys! Some of you have been here for the long haul and I really appreciate you for hanging on. Happy New Year!


  1. I’m also moving away from more current anime. The year 2014 was pretty decent for anime, but one ends up watching a lot of ephemeral shows by concentrating on what’s current. Nothing so weeds out bad TV as time!

    And so, I’m watching some Ashita no Joe, Urusei Yatsura, and Angel Cop to start my year off. If you want to watch a great show, I heartily recommend Ashita no Joe. I’ve only watched seven episodes, and I’m beginning to see why the Japanese held a funeral in read life when one of the characters died.

    • I agree. Not enough time to watch bad TV. If I’m going to watch it, I really want it to leave a lasting impression on me whether a really good show or an extremely bad show. Also, I missed out on some of the good shows that came out in 2014. It is easier to go back and watch them when they’ve completed rather than while currently running.

      I’m not sure I want to watch Ashita no Joe if people are having real life funerals for one of the characters. I will probably be too sad!

      • That moment in Ashita no Joe might be pretty sad, but the show is very enjoyable. I’m now thirteen episodes into it and can’t get enough. The characters feel more realistic than I’ve seen in a long time, and our hero, Joe Yabuki, makes for a great protagonist. One hates him, loves him, pities him, contemns him, hopes for him to see better times, and wants the hammer of justice to fall on him all at the same time. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen male characters done this well! Even my opinion of the most prominent female character undergoes constant reevaluation. And the fights are awesome!

      • Ok, I will check it out!

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