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Paradise Lost

In a previous post, I discussed watching older anime series rather than focusing on currently running series. When I first started with this blog, I tended to blog about finished shows. Somewhere along the way, I started blogging about series that were currently running. I cannot remember why there was this switch. But I’ve decided to go back to my blogging roots and the first show I’ve started on is Wolf’s Rain. It originally ran from January 6, 2003 – July 29, 2003. I was watching anime during this time but I hadn’t gone hardcore. My anime watching consisted of what was on Adult Swim at the time.

Image from: WhiteSpiritWolf

Image from: WhiteSpiritWolf

Wolf’s Rain was produced by Bones Studio, created by Keiko Nobumoto and directed by Tensai Okamura. I tend to not read the descriptions or summaries of a completed anime before I watch it to avoid spoilers. So I was not expecting the dystopic setting that reminded me of the cities of Trigun. I have not completed the series, I am halfway through at episode 15. If I am satisfied with the final episode, I plan to watch the 3 OVAs associated with the series.

As humans, what is our purpose for living? Is it because we are searching for paradise? Whether this paradise be on Earth for some or in Heaven for others; are we searching for it? Isn’t the pursuit of happiness, a world just for us where we have peace and joy, isn’t that akin to paradise? Is there someone or something that will lead you to this paradise? In Wolf’s Rain, an embodiment of this “something” that leads to paradise is Cheza, a lunar flower. She is to lead the pack of wolves to a paradise that is specifically for them. To the non-discerning eye, these wolves appear human. They put on this glamour to blend in and to protect themselves from being killed by frightened humans.

A paradise specifically for the wolves. They live their lives in search for this paradise. They don’t know why they want this paradise, they just feel they should find it. It seems at times, that we as humans, are in constant search for a paradise but we don’t know why. Is it too difficult to enjoy our lives on Earth and find a paradise here rather than waiting until we die? We’re given an allotment of time, why not make the most of it? However, many humans are like the wolves in Wolf’s Rain. They are not happy with their current state in life and feel as if they are just passing time until paradise is found. Though, I am only halfway through the series, what the wolves seemed to be missing was not paradise but kinship. They were all on their individual paths and converged to become a pack in their search for paradise. Different personalities bonding and finding ways to work together. A minority among the humans they attempted to coexist with but could not find that bond that they found with each other.

Paradise doesn’t have to be in the ephemeral sense. As an anime community, we have found a sort of paradise for those like us. We are a minority among humans in terms of the entertainment media we enjoy. Some of us have suffered ridicule because of it and the internet has become our “Cheza” in our search for paradise. There are those who wish to destroy Paradise and others who seek to have it for their own.  We’ve got net neutrality and the “nobles” wanting to charge for every second we use the internet in addition to our monthly fees for the service. There are characters in Wolf’s Rain who have a hatred for Paradise such as Lord Darcia and those who want it for themselves, Jaguara. The battles have started in the war for Paradise and I look forward to seeing who wins.


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  2. Wolf’s Rain is a great anime. The curious thing about the ending is that episode 28 gives us a real ending, but some fans were dissatisfied with it, which prompted some episodes to be attached to the series. I wonder whether you’ll think that the original ending or the other one is better.

    Discussing how the pack itself was really paradise was interesting. Friends are the greatest goods a person can have, and heaven can be looked at as a large group of friends–though, all united in our greatest friend: God.

    And, it is certainly true that the online anime community is like none other!


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