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An Apology


I just realized that I hadn’t posted in a while. It’s not that I haven’t been watching anime because I have. I simply forgot about my blog. It might be easier to keep up with if the WordPress mobile app was a lot better than it was because I could start a blog anywhere. Still that is no excuse to why I have let my blog languish. It’s a lot more difficult to blog with a little one than I expected. I see these non-anime blogs written by parents and the way they have these lengthy posts; leads one to assume it is a lot easier than it really is. Or maybe they have nannies and personal chefs. I apologize I have not blogged like I said I would.

I do miss blogging and there have been some great current shows to talk about and some older series that I have finished. I would have loved to discuss Death Parade; that show is one that will get a rewatch because there is so much I feel that I missed. Tokyo Ghoul √A, which people did not seem to care for but I did even though it was pretty bad as it was all over the place. At least it got me interested into the manga. I never did get to blog about the garbage that was TerraFormars. What a horrid load of dumpster mush that turned out to be. Shirobako, I love meta shows. It was nice to get a slice of life that from my understanding was very close to reality. All the way down to characters looking exactly like their real life counterparts. It was great to see how much work actually goes into producing anime. It gave me even more respect for the industry.

Some good news that has been rolling around since February is the return of Gintama. Our favorite troll anime series. The hiatus the series seems to take every 1-2 years seems to work for them. Although, I haven’t done any true research to determine if it is actually helping the show. But I am always glad to see it return. Its hilarious. I hope to return to blogging more consistently. I can’t guarantee it because as you can see, I tend to come and go once every 1-2 months. I hope you all are watching good anime. If not; shame on you!



  1. Death Parade was one of the best shows from last season–perhaps the best, but I still need to finish Rolling Girls. It is such a shame about Terraformars: the premise was fascinating and the production value very high, but it decided to give us gruesome deaths instead of a good story. Every blogger seems to praise Shirobako. I’ll have to watch it.

    And yeah, it’s pretty hard to blog when one’s life is so busy. These days, I’m also finding that I’d rather read than write. I suppose that’s what happens when one’s a bookworm but has been watching too much TV. 🙂

    • I started Rolling Girls but I really couldn’t get into it. I told myself I would try again but with limited time, I decided to watch shows I really liked. Death Parade was fantastic and a refreshing change to some of the shows of late.

      It really was a shame about Terraformars. It had the potential to be a very good sci-fi series that could lead to great philosophical discussions but it ignored all of it and ended so stupidly.

      I definitely would prefer to read than write. I don’t consider myself a writer but I enjoy the works others put out. My TV and computer have been mostly off as late. I tend to watch my shows when I am folding laundry.

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