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An Update – No Friend Zone


It seems I failed to think of the people in my life outside of the internet who do indeed enjoy anime.  Not to the extent that I do but will watch it with me. My significant other pointed out that I’ve made him sit and watch TWENTY EPISODES of a show at one time.  First,  key word: made. Haha. Second, I’ve never had him watch twenty in a row. Maybe 10. Maybe. Not to mention, he falls asleep! Then he doesn’t have discussions with me later. He doesn’t willingly ask to watch shows. But he’s right,  he will sit with me so I won’t binge alone.

After that post, another friend text me to say that I also had him and I wasn’t alone. My harem anime loving friend. But here’s the thing, they are both male. Maybe I should have been more in depth in the previous post and specified no female friends. I have posted before about anime (blogging in particular) seeming to be a male hobby with many popular series catering to that demographic. It’s possible it’s a topic that needs to be rehashed. The paucity of the female perspective. It is not that females are completely ignored, there are genres that pander to females. It’s also noticeable at cons that females are a large part of the Fandom. It’s just male voices are more vociferous.

On this end,  I’m working on finding more friends with similar interests. Stay tuned.



  1. I don’t have a lot of guy friends in real life, but most of my guy friends are no less than anime watchers. I have some female friends who are quite into anime as well, but not as much as I am. So stats would probably say that in real life, I talk about anime more frequently with my male friends.

    • I haven’t looked yet but I wonder if there are hard stats on the gender breakdown.

      • That was my terribad approximation (more like, a feeling) and not something seriously done with actual statistics.

      • I know. However, I am interested in actual statistics. I’ve been meaning to do some research.

      • By research, you mean, academic sort of research?


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