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Three Years

It took me three years to finish Jormungand. Technically, two and a half but I did it. I finished the show about the boy soldier. And the ending was disappointing. I finally found the time to finish the series and I was letdown. There was no reason for there to be a second season because it was a waste of time.

I enjoyed the first season but I had much difficulty getting through the second season. The show initially reminded me of Black Lagoon in terms of the characters and OP and ED. However, it lost that comparison with the continued flatness of the characters. They lacked personality, growth, relatibility. The child soldier, Jonah, aged physically throughout the show but did not appear to age physically. Koko, the loco arms dealer became boring and the revelation of her grand scheme was underwhelming at best.

It glossed over familial type relationships even in ruthless gun squads but didn’t go much further. There was plenty of silly antics that added little to the story. I wouldn’t have minded it being a little more serious. It tried to be philosophical about the needless wars humans wage against each other but fell short. Better to just stick to the first season and not bother with Imperfect Order.image

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  1. The second season was the weaker of the two and rather frustrating. I still enjoyed the characters, but they were not able to make Koko’s plot go anywhere or mean anything.

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