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Should I Stay or Should I Go?


I have been very negligent with my blog. The only excuse that I have is adulthood has been really kicking my behind. Being a wife, mother, and working two jobs does not exactly lend itself to blogging consistently. I was able to blog consistently when I first started because I would blog at a job that had that allowed me a lot of free time. I’ve now gotten a job that is usually very busy and my internet pursuits are laid by the wayside. However, there have been some positive recent changes that may let me start back blogging. But the question is should I start where I left off or dissolve my blog?

I don’t want to close my blog because for a couple of years, I was pretty steady in my posting. My anime watching has decreased but not by much. I still watch about three to five shows at a time. I have added K-drama into the mix but I have not decided if I were to keep my blog; would I add posts about K-drama. The conundrum I’m facing regarding keeping the blog open is that I feel obliged to have regular posting. And the way my life has become lately,  I don’t feel that I can commit to regular posting.

Clearly, there are people that still read the blog as I still get comments on my post regarding Ergo Proxy. That post has turned out to be one of my most popular posts and it was written almost four years ago. However, if people peruse my blog further, they would find that there has not been much activity or it has been sporadic in the last two years. The fact that I have kept this blog as long as I have is an accomplishment in itself. I did not expect to still have it activated this long. It would be bittersweet to end it.


  1. Well, you know what I’m going to say: keep blogging! I really enjoy your articles, and you should continue–even if only six times a year or something like that. Good luck balancing life with blogging. I have a lot of free time, and it’s hard even for me sometimes.

    • Thank you for the vote to stay! I’m glad you enjoy my posts as sporadic as they have been and it is nice to have an outlet to vent or exclaim happily about what I am watching.

  2. I’d say keep your blog as is. You can make the necessary adjustments you need to make for yourself while keeping up with your writing. Also, you can always take something old and make it new again. Maybe change up your blog look if that suits your fancy? Basically, don’t abandon something as long as you still love doing it. Your blog has history and it’d be a shame to close it down. That’s just my two cents!

    • Thank you. I’ll do my best to keep it up. Good idea to make it fresh, like changing it up some.

  3. Stay. Write when you can, don’t write when you can’t. Write when something inspires you too and maybe write to complain when anime is not inspiring you. No one is paying you and there is nothing in the definition of a blog that says one must post “x” times a week. (Though frequent posting is good if one is looking for a big hit count.)

    Personally, I’d rather have an occasional post from a blog I like to read – like this one – then none at all. And I think a significant portion of anime fans would be interested in reading about your experiences with K-Dramas (we are already fans of a type of foreign language show). Another anime blog I like – Wonderduck’s Pond – covers F1 racing and I read the posts, even though I have no interest in racing, because I enjoy reading his writing.

    And you shouldn’t think of your situation as a negative in regards to keeping a blog. If anime has too many shows set in high school then anime blogging has too few adults participating. Writing about how your child takes to anime in the future or which anime are good anime to watch with a spouse who might or might not like anime are two possible ways to draw ideas for blog posts from your life.

    • Thank you. I think I may blog about the kdrama I watch, periodically. Another great idea to keep it fresh. And how my child takes to anime or how I rationalize letting him watch TV because it’s a foreign language.

  4. I also vote stay – nothing wrong with a blog’s subjects and activity changing over the years, as it’s a personal thing, and people and their lives change. Most of my earliest blog posts were about being a volunteer gardener. 😛 And as other have said, occasional great posts as you’ve been doing are far better than none!

    • Thanks! And I had no idea about your earlier posts. You were a volunteer gardener? That sounds interesting and it also sounds like something an anime character would do.

      • I was for about half a year, before deciding it wasn’t for me.

  5. Kai

    Just keep blogging and don’t worry if you can’t post regularly. I even thought of stopping and shutting down my blog a couple of times, then another thought always arose “it will suck if I lose my only outlet for my thoughts.”

    …Because twitter’s 140 character limit doesn’t really help either.

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