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It has been a while, hasn’t it? Every since I got married and had a child, I’ve not been as active with my blog. I’m hoping to reinvigorate my blog as my love for anime has been renewed after attending a popular anime con over the weekend. I thought that maybe I was growing past anime but I realized over the weekend; that wasn’t it. It really is due to the fact that the past few seasons simply did not have shows that truly appealed to me. There’s only so much high school shit I can watch. I am long past high school and the characters don’t speak to me. They all look the same, have the same annoying voices, and the plots are pretty predictable at this point. I understand that anime companies want to appeal to the audience that they feel will spend the most money and high school anime series are popular. But for those like me who want more; we seem to have less options each season.

However, this is not to say that I do not like shows/manga where the main characters are teenagers. I really enjoyed Skip Beat (tv series) so much that I started reading the manga.  I may go into more detail on why I like this particular series in another post. I’ve found that my interest in anime has strayed because I have strayed from what really drew me into anime. I enjoy mecha anime; preferably the dystopian mecha with a lot of darkness; such as The Big O. I even enjoyed Gurren Lagann even with its flaws and plot holes. I love sci-fi, psychological thrillers (how I miss Satoshi Kon), and action — lots of bloody action. Thankfully, Netflix seems to be trying to fill that hole with anime choices such as Ajin and Sindonia no Kishi. All is not lost! With that said; starting in 2017, I plan to get back involved in my blogging and not give up on anime. For those of you who are still around, thank you for sticking with my blog.

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  1. Good luck on getting back into blogging. What shows have interested you this season?

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