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Happy New Year!!! – Is it too late?

I have been thinking about my blog lately and have decided that I really am going to get back to blogging. Yes, my life has been extremely busy and I have been balancing all things motherhood/wife/working full-time and not watching anime as much as I used to. Ok, I am still watching anime as much as I used to but I used to blog while at work; had a job with a lot of free time and I don’t have that anymore with my current job. With all that said; I’m a bit late but Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017!

I have plans to attend TWO cons this year instead of one. I have been faithfully going to the same one for the past eight years but have decided to check out MomoCon this year! I had been wavering because of the gaming component (I’m not very good at it) but figured since I had been wanting to go; why not go ahead and do it? I will blog on my experience.

Now to the meat of it all; what have I been watching?


Gintama, of course! We are on Season 8 and I’m still watching. This remains the only show that I have watched with over 200 episodes. It remains a very good watch; great balance of comedy, action, emotional turmoil; the past two season have been a bit dark but this season appears to have lighten up a bit. I’m hoping will find out more about Gintoki’s ancestry because the OP seems to allude to there being more to Gintoki’s humanity coupled with the comment made to him as a child from his former teacher, Yoshida Shouyou. I’m not sure they will get to it in this season but I hope that they do.



ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka (ACCA 13 Territory Inspection Dept). I didn’t know what to expect when starting this show and I have become pleasantly surprised. A show with political intrigue; a coup broiling but who is behind the coup? Is it the main character or is he being set up? It feels like a twist will present itself in this show. Initially, I had no idea what was going on but that went away after the third episode. A peaceful society only on the surface it seems.


Nanbaka. I know. I know. It’s my guilty pleasure. It’s starts off as a comedy then does a 180. I just love tragic background stories in a main character. We’re in Season 2 and though the last few episodes in Season 1 were violent and tenebrous; so far, it has not explored that ominous setting in full just yet in Season 2. I’m sure it will get there as the darkness didn’t appear until the latter episodes of Season 1. It brings to mind Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

There is more but I will save for future posts. I look forward to honing my writing and getting back into the ani-blog community. What are you watching now?



  1. Good luck on getting back into blogging! I’ve been writing less that I would hope lately myself. One day, I shall catch up with Gintama, but I’m still a few hundred episodes behind. It’s a great show nevertheless.

    ACCA is also on my watch list. So is Chain Chronicle, Chaos; Child, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju 2, KonoSuba 2, Trickster, and Twin Star Exorcists from the current season. You’d probably enjoy Showa Rakugo 2 and Chaos; Child, the latter of which is the sequel to Chaos; Head. Then, I’m watching some old shows like Galaxy Express 999, Ashita no Joe 2, Silver Fang, Legend of Galactic Heroes, and Fate/Zero.

    • Thank you! I hope to be consistent; even if it is once a month. I want to get back into blogging about one of my favorite past-times.

      I really am enjoying ACCA; part of it due to the characters all being adults. I’ve been watching less shows with children which includes teenagers. This is not to say I’m not watching any because there have been some good shows lately. I’ve been considering Showa Rakugo but hadn’t gotten around to starting it. And I’m watching a show I never finished: Space Brothers.

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