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Can two loves coexist peacefully?


han-suk-kyu-yoo-yeon-seok-seo-hyun-jinI have a confession to make. This post isn’t going to be romantic at all. It is a sort of romance, my attraction to entertaining forms of media. In the past five years, I’ve become interested in K-drama. My first completed drama was Boys over Flowers. I was so excited about it, that I interrupted my regular posts on anime to talk about it. Since then, I have completed several dramas; I have watched medical dramas; currently trying to complete Romantic Doctor Kim which ended on January 16th. Still not sure why it’s called “Romantic Doctor Kim because he’s not really romantic. Unless, you consider the fanboy crush that Kang Dong Joo seems to have on him. Though, there is romance in the show as there seems to be in most K-dramas. Lots of fake kisses; think American black and white films with the fake, passionate kiss.

The conundrum that my newfound love places me in is that it leaves me with even less time to watch anime. K-drama episodes are usually over an hour; for some reason; one episode is almost the length of a feature film. Marathoning them can leave one up until the next day. Anime episodes are generally 25-30 minutes so it is much easier to do a marathon. But now that I like K-dramas and they churn them out rapidly; there is almost new show every month. So what am I to do? K-drama has so much to offer and there are plenty of shows with adult characters which is sorely missing in anime; so easier to relate to the characters even though we come from different cultures. A lot has happened in my life in the last 3 years lending to the paucity of my posts but if I’m honest, a huge component of that would be that the time I would have spent watching a few episodes of an anime series, I’ve spent watching one episode of a K-drama. Watching one episode usually leads to two and sometimes three. Which leads to the question; can I talk about both in this blog? What do you think? Do you have other hobbies that have equal time as anime such as gaming or reading manga/comics?


  1. I always had multiple interests, especially when I added gaming into the mix. This is why when I started my blog, I simply couldn’t stick to one topic to discuss. I had to talk about everything. I say write about whatever you want. You could always make your blog a general geek blog, so you aren’t confined to one specific thing. I also would love to watch more K-dramas if I actually had time!

    • The same here regarding multiple interests but they were easier to manage; reading and watching anime. But now I have started watching K-drama almost as much as I watch anime; and their episodes are so long that I run out of time for anime! It doesn’t help that if I am watching currently running anime; its not very interesting. I’m probably just going to talk about both!

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