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Anime Strike

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Gertrude (Hamlet)



It’s ironic that Amazon’s anime channel is entitled “Anime Strike” because in a way, I’ll be taking a strike against their anime channel. I’m usually overjoyed about additional legal options to stream anime but not the way Amazon is doing it. I had high hopes for them adding currently running anime to their streaming videos, thinking maybe this Prime membership I’ve had for years will actually have some decent perks especially since they hiked up the cost a couple of years back. Oh, they’ve been throwing some bones the Prime members way lately but putting the anime channel behind a $4.99 paywall in addition to your Prime membership, can’t say this was a good idea.

My Crunchyroll Premium membership, Hulu, Netflix will have to suffice which is more than enough. So the shows that I wanted to check out that are on Amazon such as Re:Creators and one show that I was really waiting on, Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul, will not be watched. I just cannot rationalize the additional expense and as a Prime Member, this is one of those perks that I think would be a good business decision to add to the membership. Especially, since someone at Amazon thinks there are enough anime fans/otakus to warrant having an anime channel. They probably figure that there are more than enough suckers, I mean, otakus, who will be wiling to shell out the extra $4.99 on top of an Amazon Prime membership. I suspect that there will be an increase of people utilizing fansubs for those shows rather than tacking on the additional cost.  Maybe Amazon will allow them to go to Prime Videos once the season ends but I won’t keep my hopes up.

I am disappointed with Anime Strike but as I mentioned, I still have Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix. And I am checking out the new season’s offerings which seem to be decent so far; and they are, in no particular order:


  1.  Shinjeki no Kyojin Season 2 – I know. I know. I really liked Season 1, though by the end, I was extremely frustrated and I suspect that Season 2 will be no different. I am already annoyed by the slow pace and the lack of revealing what is going on. I’m going it watch it to the end because I’m committed.
  2. Clockwork Planet – I’m not watching this. I tried and could not finish the first episode. It was horrid and made no sense. I thought it would be interesting, a world made out of clockwork. I was bored within 5 minutes, then appalled within 10.
  3. Alice to Zouroku – I’ve been mainly trying to avoid moe anime and focus more on shows with maturer characters. But I still love shows about psychics, its a weakness. Add in science experiments and I’m sold. For now, this is not too bad once you get past the factor of an old guy taking guardianship of a strange little girl. Old guy so far is the best part of the show.
  4. Gin no Guardian – I don’t know what is going on here. I think the main character is trapped in a game created by his crush’s family. Not sure, have only watched one episode and it was all over the place. Not enough to completely turn me off so I will be watching the second episode if my Crunchyroll app would actually work.
  5. Uchouten Kazoku 2 – Loved the first season, very excited about the second. It was such a fun show.
  6. Warau Salesman – I have a feeling that this won’t be very popular with the otaku crowd who seems to be obsessed with moe or huge amounts of fanservice. This is dark, has a Twilight Zone feel to it and interesting animation. I am enjoying it so far and love that nothing ends well. You get what you pay for.
  7. Sakura Quest – As many other anibloggers have mentioned, it has a Hanasaku Iroha vibe; the appreciation of small town wonders. It also seems to be a coming of age story.

Now that I go over this list, I’m watching a lot. This is probably the most anime I have watched in a long time and I’m also reading Skip Beat! and watching a k-drama (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon). I’m watching everything at a slower pace than I used to  but its working and I’m happy to be able to watch anime that I enjoy again. What are you all watching?

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