Exploring the World of Anime

Some Tidbits

I’m just a nerdy girl 20-something year old woman who has interests in anime and Japan. I’m also a fan of  K-Pop and scifi/fantasy novels.  My interest in K-Pop is mostly recent (within the last year). My interest in anime has a span of seven years with it picking up in the last five years. First anime I watched without knowing it was an anime was Sailor Moon. Then there was my cousin’s obsession with Pokemon so I had to watch a few episodes. I didn’t know it was called anime and there were tons of shows out from Japan until college. I will mostly write about these interests and I might throw in something that catches my attention every now and then. I’m hoping that this blog helps with my writing skills. I’ve realized in this age of status updates, I don’t tend to write things more than 140 characters. That seems kind of limiting, doesn’t it?

So welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy it!


  1. tsurugiarashix

    Always nice to see more Anime Blogs. Glad I decided to drop by. Will be visiting you often. (Well, when I have the time. Collegework =_=)

    • Thank you. Feel free to drop by any time!

  2. Paprika

    Hey me too =D I love anime blogs… I’m just not skilled enough to write one =P hehe… I look forward to interesting posts from you!! =) *peace*

  3. Kéhindè

    An anime blog! I think my first was Pokemon to DBZ to the much more anglicised Beyblade and Card Capture. But then my brother got hooked on Naruto, and from that we went to Bleach, Hellsing, Inuyasha, Love Hina, Death Note and many others. I’m more of a manga person, but some of the animus – FMA – are so good. Glad to see more writing on it 🙂

    • An anime blog in the midst of many others. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. My first anime is Naruto and then bleach and one piece im influenced because many of friends watched that back then, after im just made my own facebook most of anime forums were talking about Code Geass back then, therefore i watched that. Code Geass is like an anime gate for me because that, im starting to watch various anime and end up very obsessed with anime like im now,maybe you should try code geass ;). im looking forward for more of your beatiful interesting write. 😉


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