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Blood, Gore, and Entrails

Tokyo Ghoul is one of my favorites so far this season and it is magnificently ghoulish. A component of it leads me to think of “I am Legend”, the book not the film. In Tokyo Ghoul, ghouls are hated by humans and are hunted down and killed because of the ghouls that ferociously devour humans. …

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Humanity Seriously Declined

Alas, another show that disappointed. I admit I stayed in high spirits all the way until the end. Then I realized I watched a whole series where nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nada. It was a story about a girl and fairies and we really didn’t get much of the fairies. Not enough of them …

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What in the Flying Fairies am I Watching???

I am utterly confused and a bit freaked out Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity has Declined). Oh, boy, this is the most àpropos title for a show I have come across in a while. The creators have the most warped sense of humor which completely jars against your senses because the art for the show is adorably, sickeningly cute. If …

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Not Exactly Honest

I have been saying that I wasn’t going to watch a new show this summer and just finish shows I’ve already started.  Or get back to watching shows that I stopped watching though they’re still running. Yes, I’m looking at you, Sket Dance. So I was scrolling through Crunchyroll when my eyes glanced upon a …

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Different Side of Kawaii

I puke kawaii. That’s what ArtisticSole does while she’s living la vida lolita. If you know anything about Japan even without watching anime or reading manga, you might know the term “kawaii”. If you watch anime, you are overwhelmed with kawaii. Even my google spellcheck knows kawaii and doesn’t get underlined in red like many …

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